Training methods techniques to be done with a futsal ball? ...?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Training methods techniques to be done with a futsal ball? ...?
what kind of techniques can be done on your own with a futsal ball ( a heavier and slightly smaller football) to improve ball skills.

i need to improve on ball control and passing and dribbling etc and been told practising in a futsal ball makes it easier in a size 5 football.

Answer ;

well using a futsal ball really helps if you have other people to play against. cus it forces you to keep it on the ground cus its heavier rather than like crossing all the time. so the best thing to do with a futsal balll is to get like ideally 5 other players besides you so you can do some 3v3 games. but sometimes it is impossible to get other people to practice wit you a lot. so if your not one of those lucky ones that does have people to practice with then find an empty patch of wall somewhere and kick the ball against it. but make sure you focus on a particular skill. like work on your in step passing with yoru right foot and kick it 50 times at least. i recommend 70ish (if not more) and aim at a particular spot on the wall you can put tape on the wall to mark a spot which would be best. and try to do it one touch. then switch to your left foot and do the same. then switch back to your right foot and do the outside of the foot and repeat. and you can even practice your shooting technique by striking the ball with your laces on your hot spot (the bone on your foot that is the highest spot) and do that 70 times then with yoru left foot. and iguarantee that your technique will improve. i recommend doin this every day until you have improved those skills however much you wanted to then move on to the next hting you need to practice.

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