Strategy learning FUTSAL

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strategy learning FUTSAL
Playing Futsal is not much different from playing football in general, it takes stamina, strength, mental and strategy. There is little fundamental difference in the game and setting the pattern of attacks.

The pattern of the game in a game dominated Futsal foot to foot, meaning the settings in defense, and attack more done
with short passes, given the size of the field is smaller than a football field. With this pattern and teamwork skills especially in dealing with the ball, feeding, keeping the defense and attacking the opponent's area is needed.

In Futsal rarely applied to long passes, this strategy is a waste of energy, besides that it also does not reflect a good game and nice views. However, instead it is forbidden or not recommended, stay back to the individuals themselves, like how to play a game of Futsal is.
Rarity of these techniques applied, it is better to be creating a beautiful pattern of the game, good views and the beautiful goal. Likewise with heading the ball, goals that could be created with the head looks good and nice to see, especially if the attack was carried out using a structured attack pattern.

Well now live how we make a pattern and play a good strategy, for it surely there are some things that become the main focus in creating a good game pattern.

1. Mastery of the ball.
To train the control of the ball the first stage is to focus on strength and agility in the movement of the foot, as I explained in the article Tips for warming up before playing futsal, heating is necessary, do it as often as possible dribling to harmonize the movement of the foot and the direction of the ball, can be done with a variation zig -zag.

2. Players composition.

To form a good team, look at the skill of each player in terms of control of the ball, setting up attacks and menyerang.Tempatkan player who has a foot model of the movement as a defender of the meeting, the meeting here means that do not model the movement of his feet too long, this can more useful to inhibit the rate of movement of the ball the opponent, and the opposite type of player with more long movement can be used as an attacker.
For the midfield needed a figure who has the ability to set the attack and that more emphasis is the most prime stamin ability, given its position allows to attack and survive
3. Techniques and Patterns games.
Total Futsal players can do 5 or 6 people including the goalkeeper. Placement of players who fit according to the character and style of each game will be more balanced position in defense and attack patterns, as for positions that can be applied as follows.

Number of players 5 people:
1. Pattern 1 - 2-2
Pattern 122

The number of players 6 people:
1. Pattern 1-2-1-2
For this pattern goalkeeper 1 person, 2 people left and right back, 1 midfielder and 2 strikers left and right.
At the last position were all in their own regions with the pattern:
Pattern 1212
Midfield playmaker that can feed into the position of the two attackers and the ball can be played all three positions in order to find a gap to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal.
Task back left / right in addition to keeping the movement of an opponent, there is also a division of tasks take their own dead ball area, if the ball dead right there on the right who took the ball back, on the contrary, sought each other do not take a position,
aim to keep the focus on the area / territory of their own. While the quarterback job that is helping organize the attack and defense, so quarterback has the most stamina and skill that is more vibrant.

2. 1-2-3 pattern
This pattern can be applied with a record-back position 2 can maintain and be able to help the attack, of course, the capacity of 2 is not only a strong defender defend the goal area, but also have skill in setting the attack, so that the three attackers can freely ransacked the opponent's defense. With this pattern is expected pattern of attack is more refined.
Pattern 123

3. Pattern 1-1-2-2

This pattern makes no hanging back position behind the two central players, this is aimed at the back so that it can dispel with a single straightforward attacks that may escape from the defensive midfield sector. Skill owned by a single back this must be really fit, able to read pergerankan ball and attack the opponent, besides that it also has a strong physical, mangingat position between single-back with the midfield line, which in this position will block attacks from both left or right, and certainly cooperation and solidarity with the position of quarterback is needed.
In this pattern, right-or left-wing position functioned could help the defense, come down to help a single back, then from that position this wing must have a running speed which should make the attack and immediately behind the defense.
In this pattern, if there is a ball off the left or right in the area of defense, then the right to take the ball that is masing2x wing, not left to a single back, considering if done by a single back, then worry about defense position became vacant.
Of all the patterns described above, basically applied as the optimization of the attack pattern or patterns to survive in a game itself, so the players can better understand game strategy and focus on the task of each player.

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