Timers (Time Keeper)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timers (Time Keeper)

Futsal timekeeper duty to ensure the duration of the game that conform with the rules of futsal number, namely:

= Enable timer / timers after kick-off;
= Stop the clock when the ball is not in the game;
= Start back into the game after the kick, there was a goal, corner kick,
free kick, kicks from the penalty spot or two penalty points, a time
out or drop ball;
= Check time to time out a minute;
= Count exactly two minutes while punishing the red card when the player has
= Indicates the end of the first and second half of normal time, the end of extra time,
and the end of the timeout by blowing the whistle a different sound from the main referee;
= Record all time outs remaining for each team, notify
referee and the team the right way, and gave permission for time out when
asked to coach the team sovereignty;
= Recorded five first error committed by each team recorded
referee in each half and tell when a mistake has been made the fifth
by one team.
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