The role of a referee in the game futsal

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The role of a referee in the game futsal


Each pertanding futsal led by a referee who has full authority. He assisted the second referee, timekeeper, and the third umpire.

Referee Authority

Futsal game led by a referee who represent the full authority to implement the game rules for games or time.

Authority and Responsibilities of Referee

A referee in futsal right to decide something and assumed the duties and responsibilities, such as:

- Enforce the rules of the game;
- Let the game continue in the event of violations at one of the teams, but at the same time another team has a chance to score. Teams that make the offense will be punished if the infringing team failed to maximize the chances of goals;
- Record the results as a material futsal match report, including penalties against the players and team officials as well as incidents that occurred before, during, and after the game;
- Act as if the official timekeeper assigned absent;
- Stop, suspend, or terminate the match for the things that break the rules or interference from outside parties;
- Give a warning or yellow card to the player who commits an offense and expelled if commit gross;
- Cast a protest or team officials did not behave politely;
- Ensure that no one unauthorized entry into the field;
- Stop the match if deemed necessary when a player is seriously injured and ensures the players moved out of the field;
- Resume the game if the player only minor injuries;
- Ensure that the ball used meets the requirements of FIFA;
- Provide severe penalties if a player made more than one mistake in the same time.

Referee Decision

All the referee's decision can not be changed, unless the referee and second referee aware have made the wrong decision. But, it must be continued before the game or the game is not over.

If the referee and second referee signals simultaneously giving offense, but different decision, the match referee's decision is justified. The referee and second referee has the right to warn or expel players. If there is a difference of views, the match referee's decision is justified.

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