Premeir League tighter

Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Premeir League tighter'


Chelsea capable of penetrating 95 points in the season 2004/05 (Reuters)

Chelsea, Manchester United (MU), Arsenal and Liverpool are now no longer has absolute dominance in the Premier League. Team subscriptions big four in recent seasons or so-called "Big Four" more keteteran in this season, because competition in the Premier League is much more stringent.

Last week, Manchester United only won one point against Aston Villa. While Liverpool and Chelsea even lost. Arsenal only survivor who could win at home to Everton.

The rate of the four clubs kept halting. As for their main rivals, namely Manchester City, also less stable. Last week, Carlos Tevez and his friends stuck at home to Birmingham City. "Premier League is very difficult," said Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher.

"We experienced this last year. Standard of this league has improved because other clubs the better. Competition took the top four teams usually for certain. Now there are more teams involved. In general, the more difficult competition, will be more points dropped rather than the previous seasons, "continued the captain of the Scotland national team.

If true, it would be impossible for the "Big Four" to match the achievements of Jose Mourinho's first season could reach 95 points with Chelsea. Fletcher was aware this is hard to emulate. Nevertheless, he hopes his team remain consistent in order to close the distance with Chelsea.

"The road is still long. We have not until Christmas which is the busiest period. But, we do not want to give Chelsea the advantage points too much because they will be more difficult to pursue. Now, it is very important for us to step on the gas to win the match, "said Fletcher.

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