Cavani: Scudetto Napoli Can Too

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naples - the biggest opportunities exist in the snatch scudetto while AC Milan and Inter Milan. But do not forget also the Naples who have as much chance to be the best this season.

Milan still lead the standings with 63 points, just three points ahead of Inter in second place. Serie A itself still leaves eight games.

So many are calling the two teams meeting on 3 April next Milan derby will be a determination of who is leading towards the track championship.

But Naples is ranked by the difference only four points and still have a great opportunity to become champions. Moreover, Walter Mazzarri squad is just concentrating on the Italian League.

So desperate to win the scudetto is still soaring high in the chest of the players Il Partenopei. They believe success in 1987 and 1990 could be repeated because the achievement of Naples like this season will be difficult to repeat.

2010/2011 season will be the best achievement of Naples in the last two decades.

"Cavani believe will scudetto. Napoli will have to have confidence that. The season like this will not happen," said agent Edinson Cavani, Claudio Anellucci told Radio Mana Mana reported by the Italian Football.

"Walter Mazzarri really appreciate Cavani. All the players believe in the scudetto, together with Edinson," he continued.

Besides talking about the scudetto, Anellucci, also participated speak about the future of the Uruguayan striker in Naples. Madrid's interest in the striker's 23-year as rumors because if this season is the last time Cavani settle in Italy.

"Jose Mourinho really respect the Cavani of Palermo and during normal if Edinson feel flattered. But I emphasize if my client's future is in Naples," due diligence.
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Van der Sar Want to Keep Joint manchester united

Manchester - Some players who have retired to continue his career at the club where he grew up. But this did not happen to Edwin Van der Sar. The goalkeeper refused to return to Ajax Amsterdam and want to continue at Manchester United.

Van der Sar had to make sure to close his career at the end of this season. Although many fans were hoping that Dutch goalkeeper postpone retirement, but Van der Sar remains in its decision.

Some of the players who have retired, then devote themselves to the club where he grew up. Suppose there in Barcelona Josep Guardiola who is now a coach, or Carlo Ancellotti that had become pembesut AC Milan.

For the Dutch example is Frank de Boer who, after retiring as a player, he became the coach of Ajax Amsterdam youth team and now a senior team of architects Dutch capital.

Even so this is most likely not be reached by Van der Sar. Male 40 years had no intention of continuing his career at Ajax Amsterdam after retirement, the club he had strengthened the year 1990-1999. With Ajax, Van der Sar won 14 titles including one Champions League and Intercontinental Cup champion.

"I do not go back to Amsterdam, despite a career with Frank de Boer, Danny Blind, and Dennis Bergkamp," said Van der Sar as quoted by the official FIFA website.

Former Juventus and Fulham goalkeeper said that the last time she had ever had a plan to return to Ajax he retires. But why has he failed to realize his plans?

"When I left Ajax 12 years ago, I said I would come back. But I do not know turns me through extraordinary times in Manchester United. I may have several times come to training sessions on Ajax, but I did not do it on a regular basis," he said.

Van der Sar said that when it's no longer graze, he had a plan for doing business with the MU. "Maybe I will be on duty at Manchester United's training clinics in Asia, where the club is so popular. Or something else might do something in the commercial," said goalie the Red Devils since 2005's.

"I thought it was interesting. I have several times spoken with relevant parties about that," he closed.
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Ancelotti Not Want to Follow the trail of Leonardo

Carlo Ancelotti said he would not follow in the footsteps of Leonardo, the Inter Milan training. Don Carlo confirms that he is unlikely to betray AC Milan.

Leonardo is a former player and AC Milan coach. For this season's Brazilian men menukangi the Rossoneri rivals Inter Milan. Under the care of Leonardo, Inter are at the beginning of the season did not appear satisfactory to the team which is promising.

Step complete man named Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo was the talk of the Milan side, whether they are still together Il Diavolo Rosso or is no longer.

Having previously Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso who said the would prefer to take care of the kitchen rather than follow in the footsteps of Leonardo, now turn Carlo Ancelotti revealed his opinion.

Chelsea manager said that he would never train Inter. "If at the next opportunity Inter president Massimo Moratti called me, then I will refuse the offer politely," said Ancelotti was quoted as saying of Football-Italy.

The man nicknamed Don Carlo, said he was not possible to remove just a good togetherness with Milan as a player (years 1987-1992) or even as allenatore (2001-2009).

"I am a man of his Milan. I spent 13 years with Milan and for me not possible to forget the past. I can not possibly train Inter, but I still respect the choices of others," he's straightforward.

Ancelotti himself reportedly was exploring opportunities to re-work in Italy following the unsatisfactory achievement at Chelsea. Roma is a club that was mentioned plans to use the services of coach was born June 10, 1959.
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'The referee must More Protecting Players'

London - Bacary Sagna hope the referee is to provide protection to the player. Arsenal right-back was to assess the protection from the referee so far is still less, as indicated by the number of severe injuries suffered by players.

In the last few seasons, Arsenal are always complaining that they do not get proper protection from the referee. This is considered to result in the presence of a number of severe injuries that befall the North London team players.

Performance-related criticism raised by the court back retainer bullet Warehouse team. This time Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna who express their opinion.

"Two of our players suffered a broken leg," said the French player was as reported by the Telegraph. Sagna refers to conditions of severe injury suffered by Eduardo da Silva (now at Shakhtar Donetsk) and Aaron Ramsey.

Eduardo to be absent for a prolonged period after severe injury due to broken Martin Taylor in 2008. Later in the year 2010 turn Aaron Ramsey who suffered broken bones after clear the players of Stoke City, Ryan Shawcross.

Sagna also added that there should be a Manchester United player Paul Scholes received a red card on the offense against Samir Nasri in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup this season.

"Nasri was almost broken leg. If that happens, what should we say? It's all too late. The problem arises because we could not talk, can not argue with the referee," said Sagna.

Players born February 14, 1983 is adding he violated pretty hard by Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Nevertheless Sagna said there was no grudge against Wazza.

"I understand that he (Rooney) is not the people who have bad intentions. He was different. Indeed, there are certain players who have no intention of injuring the opponent. If Rooney had been planning like that, I would have reacted," he finished.

Photo: Aaron Ramsey Arsenal players lying on the field after a breached Stoke City player Ryan Shawcross, in a fight which took place in February 2010. Ramsey suffered severe injuries and had to pull over for a long time
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Mascherano Criticism Arsenal

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barcelona - Arsenal are not satisfied with the leadership of the referee when they defeated Barcelona. The attitude of the Gunners are strong enough to get a reaction from Javier Mascherano.

Barcelona to get rid of Arsenal after picking the 3-1 victory (aggregate 4-3) in the second leg at Camp Nou. In the game, Arsenal had to play with 10 men since the beginning of the second half after Robin Van Persie received a second yellow card.

This decision was then angered Arsenal camp. Both Van Persie and Arsene Wenger has openly expressed dissatisfaction with the referee, who led the fight.

As a result of criticism of the referee that Arsenal also accept the consequences. Samir Nasri and Wenger UEFA indicted on charges of inappropriate language issue when the referee expelled Van Persie.

"Barca always win thanks to the referee, not because his game, not because they scored 19 shots, not because the ball as much as 74 percent or 900 completed the pass," Mascherano said sarcastically quoted Yahoosports.

"Let's not be hypocrites. We do not let them breathe and that's the key. We play a style of Barca and that is why we can go," said former Liverpool player.

Mascherano assess risk has become a great team is always expected to fall. So it is with Barcelona.

"When a team win and play well the people want them to fail and Barcelona is no exception. It happened to Spain in the World Cup when they beat Switzerland in the first fight, the people must be very happy," he continued.

"We do not care what people say," said Mascherano.
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Ibra: Milan Better

London - AC Milan have fallen in the hands of Tottenham Hotspur in perdelapanfinal phase of the Champions League. Although the entry box, striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan camp claimed better.

Results in the second leg 0-0 draw at White Hart Lane perdelapanfinal on Thursday (03/10/2011) pm dawn, practically dispelled despair Milan. Spurs 1-0 win in Milan to make the Lilywhites speeding.

Milan opportunity to be able to reverse the score is actually quite open. More Rossoneri dominated possession and creation of more opportunities, but the goal is not expected to arrive.

"We played well, but we could not score. That's the only one who is less than we were tonight," commented Ibrahimovic as quoted by the Italian Football.

Ibrahim concluded, his team performed better than the Spurs in two games. Claims that are not excessive considering the Rossoneri Milan was only conceded by a counterattack. However, Spurs also determines the effectiveness of their superiority.

"In the two-leg, Tottenham only have one shot on goal and can score goals. The best team does not always win," added the Swedish striker.

"I am satisfied with my performance and everyone in the team is playing well. I try to score goals, but the ball still would not pass the goal line," added Ibrahim.

"Shame on us must be eliminated in the Champions League, but we were still able to focus on the Scudetto (Serie A) and Coppa Italia," he said
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Magath: Schalke Nothing To Lose

Gelsenkirchen - Schalke 04 managed to reverse the fortunes of lagging into and sealing the win over Valencia's Champions League quarterfinal ticket. All that thanks to their mentally nothing to lose.

Playing in front of his own supporters at the Veltins Arena on Thursday (03/10/2011) pm dawn, Schalke first lag when players Valencia, Ricardo Costa, ripping the nets goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

But with the resounding success Schalke scored three goals in a reply via Jeferson Farfan (two goals) and Mario Gavranovic. A score of 3-1 this makes a total of The Royal Blues won 4-2.

"In the Champions League, at a time like this, this is the moment of now or never. There is always a factor of stress-makers," said Schalke coach, Felix Magath, told SkySports.

Magath like the mentality of foster children who do not give up despite lagging. Plus the attitude of nothing to lose, finally Raul Gonzalez et al managed to surpass Los Ches.

"This game (Champions League) is always tight, but we can ensure that our emotions are not so wild,"said Magath.

"At first, it is difficult to suppress opponents. When we missed the 0-1, we behaved nothing to lose and we are determined to win (the game) is,"said Magath's team successfully unlocked.
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Pato Direct Divert Focus to Domestic Event

London - Alexandre Pato feeling sad over AC Milan was eliminated in the Champions League. Still he called for his team not too long dissolved into disappointment and immediately focus domestic competition.

Learned 0-0 draw at Tottenham Hotspur travel to headquarters on Thursday (09/03/2011) pm dawn is enough to stop Milan. Rossoneri were knocked out after losing the aggregate 0-1.

Nevertheless, Milan hopes to lift the trophy this season is still wide open. Forces Max Allegri still led the Italian League with the advantages of five points from nearest rival Inter Milan.

While in the Coppa Italia, Il Diavolo Rosso has climbed the last four and will fight the final ticket against Palermo on 20 April.

"Now we must quickly forget this match and focus only to Serie A and Coppa Italia," said Pato cited Football-Italy. We semia want to win and can do it in Italy this season.

Milan dominated the game against the Spurs. Soccernet Statistics show Pato cs have control of the ball 63 versus 39 and opened fire 16 times, twice more than the opposing team.

"It's hard out in a way that so after dominating the game and play well," added the Brazilian footballer.

"When we just need one goal and we failed to get it. We played well but without a goal in the score board. It is irrelevant in the end," said the owner of the nickname 'The Duck' is.
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