'The referee must More Protecting Players'

Thursday, March 24, 2011

London - Bacary Sagna hope the referee is to provide protection to the player. Arsenal right-back was to assess the protection from the referee so far is still less, as indicated by the number of severe injuries suffered by players.

In the last few seasons, Arsenal are always complaining that they do not get proper protection from the referee. This is considered to result in the presence of a number of severe injuries that befall the North London team players.

Performance-related criticism raised by the court back retainer bullet Warehouse team. This time Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna who express their opinion.

"Two of our players suffered a broken leg," said the French player was as reported by the Telegraph. Sagna refers to conditions of severe injury suffered by Eduardo da Silva (now at Shakhtar Donetsk) and Aaron Ramsey.

Eduardo to be absent for a prolonged period after severe injury due to broken Martin Taylor in 2008. Later in the year 2010 turn Aaron Ramsey who suffered broken bones after clear the players of Stoke City, Ryan Shawcross.

Sagna also added that there should be a Manchester United player Paul Scholes received a red card on the offense against Samir Nasri in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup this season.

"Nasri was almost broken leg. If that happens, what should we say? It's all too late. The problem arises because we could not talk, can not argue with the referee," said Sagna.

Players born February 14, 1983 is adding he violated pretty hard by Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Nevertheless Sagna said there was no grudge against Wazza.

"I understand that he (Rooney) is not the people who have bad intentions. He was different. Indeed, there are certain players who have no intention of injuring the opponent. If Rooney had been planning like that, I would have reacted," he finished.

Photo: Aaron Ramsey Arsenal players lying on the field after a breached Stoke City player Ryan Shawcross, in a fight which took place in February 2010. Ramsey suffered severe injuries and had to pull over for a long time

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