How To Become A great keeper (keeper technique)

Friday, December 17, 2010

How To Become A great keeper (keeper technique)

To become a great goalkeeper was not just rely on reflexes, positioning, and a good jump. Or the towering physical. There are other things that make a goalie to be very tough and difficult to overcome.

The first is courage.
In the modern era like now no longer a goalie who is only accountable to the bottom of the ruler alone, the goalie has to be able to raise the defense and when conditions become less favorable Sweeper. They also have to dare to compete agency to snatch the ball from the opponent in a state of ono-on-one. It is not uncommon to make the goalie get injured, which in the past it is extremely rare in a goalkeeper.

The second is the alias of determination and speed decision making. The goalkeeper is required to make the right decision in every circumstance. Rapid tempo of the game required to make keeper tndakan act fast and precise. Not infrequently the goalkeeper must be Sweeper if something goes wrong in the use of an offside trap by the defender. It requires good speed and determination in doing so.

The third is a sharp eyesight. This required the goalkeeper in many ways. Perhaps many do not realize this, but good vision is vital in helping the goalie of their duties. Starting from doing long bait, reading the direction of the ball, and the most vital is to read the movement of the eye of the kicker penalty kicker. Knowingly or not, the kicker penalty will definitely see the direction that would be a goal kick (though not all) even though only a fraction of a second.

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