Lampard Saved for MU

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lampard Saved for MU

London - When John Terry was able to play since last week, Frnak Lampard has not even seen. Carlo Ancelotti gives leak, Lampard kept so ready to face Manchester United.

Ancelotti recently said

that the presence of Terry and Lampard in the squad so he needs. Not only refers to the ability of both, but also characters that have both judged Ancelotti's team could be fired.

Terry has been playing since detained Everton 1-1 Chelsea last week, and when bent Marseille 0-1 in Champions League. However, Lampard is still stored. Ancelotti waiting for him to really fit, and it is expected to happen in the game against Manchester United next week.

"We have to arrange the match for him. Maybe by Thursday, only after that he could play in the match against Manchester United, "he said in the Daily Mail.

"He has no problem in practice. Everything is okay. It is better to prepare it in a friendly match, then play in the game against United. "

After facing Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, Chelsea will face Manchester United and Arsenal respectively. Seeing such a tight schedule, and the fact that the Blues have never won in the past four weeks, Terry and Lampard's effort seems necessary.

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