AFF 2010: Grass Damage, dispensed Field Trial

Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF 2010: Grass Damage, dispensed Field Trial

JAKARTA - The condition of the field Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) destroyed by being trampled thousands of supporters last weekend. This condition is quite disturbing preparation match ahead of the AFF Cup final second leg, between Indonesia against Malaysia.

The grass field inside the stadium were damaged badly enough. The manager of the stadium have to work hard to improve the condition of the damaged grass, in order to pursue the match deadline which will be held on Wednesday (12/29/2010).

"The field of stress and needs some improvement within two to three days. Acidity grass is very thick so need to be removed first so the roots can breathe and neutralize acidity. Also need to spread sand, lime and medication. Not yet estimated how much the value of these improvements, "explained Director of Management and Development of Bung Karno Senayan, Mahfudin Nigara, Monday (27/12/2010).

Field conditions can not be used because it was being repaired, a few agendas of both teams must change. Plan field trials had to be eliminated. According to the agenda, both teams will try out the field the day before the match.

"Managers have agreed with the AFF with no field trials to both teams. This berutujuan for field repair can run maximum. The target is already sterile Wednesday morning and at night can be used to compete, "said Nigara.

The management field leaves this issue to the AFF. Confirmation of Indonesia and Malaysia to the team about the cancellation of planned field trials, will be provided directly by the AFF.

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