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Monday, December 27, 2010

Eka Ramdani reserve
Indonesian national team squad returned to training in the field, Senayan Jakarta, on Monday (27/12) afternoon. This is a prime training for Arif Suyono et post-defeat of hosts Malaysia 0-3 in the first fight Suzuki Cup finals AF 2010.

Like the habit after the national team coach Alfred Riedl melakoni game, he is 22 players divided into two parts. First, is the player who became the starter in game versus Malaysia, the second team is a player who sat on the bench as well as replacement players.

Cs Utina Word who became a starter, light practice just for fifteen minutes. There are no activities to kick the ball. They just do the game by throwing the ball to fellow companions. After that, they immediately sat on the sidelines watching colleagues - the other fellow to practice.

In contrast with the players who inhabit the bench, actually got a fairly complex exercise menu. Initially, Irfan Bachdim cs given training organization in the attacking game. They were asked to use wide field in dismantling the opponent's defense. After that, Riedl also asked the players to perform actions wall-pass with an end kick toward the goal to improve the quality of the final settlement.

Outside these two groups, three separate players actually practice because of injury. They are Mark Harison, Okto Maniani and Yong Aribowo. All three just do jogging, accompanied by physiotherapist Matias Ibo and Yanizard.

"Yong can not play the second final game. While Mark still we see the conditions. If he can not play, then Fery Rotinsulu will also assume duties as the main goalkeeper, "said Alfred Riedl after exercise.

In this training session, Chairman of the PSSI H.A.M. Nurdin Halid taking the time to watch the national team until training is completed. National team will return to practice on Tuesday (28/12) in the field team from 08:00 pm. Originally this exercise will be held at the Bung Karno Main Stadium. However, because the grass field is still in treatment, practice location was moved to the field team, Senayan.

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