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In futsal there are some basic elements that must be understood as playing futsal, in general, not much different from conventional football. But there are some that need be done with special expertise. Here are the basic techniques in futsal is an absolute must in control of every player futsal:

1. Ball Control
Techniques to control the ball in a game of futsal can be done by using a foot deep, legs and feet outside the front of the shoe sole use. Techniques to control the ball with the soles of futsal is very important that must be mastered by every player.

2. Passing / feeder
Pass can be done by using a variety of side leg. wanted to use the feet in, feet out, toes, ankles, or lower side there is nothing wrong. However, it is best to use a leg in a horizontal direction. The reason this has a good pass on the accuracy most other appeals. Includes bait along the length of the field. and also the most important precision ball pad friends.

Patterns in Futsal game

Playing Futsal is not much different from playing Football in general, need strength stamina, mental and strategies. There is little fundamental difference in the game and setting the pattern of attacks.

Pattern play in a game dominated Futsal foot to foot, meaning the last settings, and attacked more often committed with short passes, given the size of a smaller field than a football pitch. With this pattern of skill and team cohesion, especially in processing the ball, feed, keeping the defense and attacking the opponent's area is needed.

In Futsal rarely used long passes, this strategy is a waste of energy, besides that it also does not reflect a good game and nice views. However, instead it is forbidden or not recommended, stay back to the individuals themselves, like how to play the game of Futsal.

Rare these techniques applied, it is better to be creating a beautiful pattern of the game, good views and the beautiful goals. Likewise with heading the ball, goals that can be created with the head more to look good and nice to see, especially if the attack was conducted with a structured pattern of attack.

Well now live how we make a pattern and play a good strategy, for it was certainly there are some things that the main focus in creating a good game pattern.

1. Mastery of the ball.
To train the first stage of mastery of the ball is to focus on strength and agility in the movement of the foot, as I explained in the article Tips warming up before playing futsal, heating is necessary, do it as often as possible to harmonize dribling foot movement and ball direction, can be done with variations zig-zag.
2. Composition Player.
To form a good team, look at each skill players in terms of ball control, regulation and attacked. Place an attack players who have a model that Tightly leg movement as a defender, meeting here means that the model does not move his legs are too long, it can more useful to inhibit the rate of movement of the ball your opponent, and vice versa type of player with more long movement can be used as an attacker.

Midfielder needed to figure that has the ability set the attack and the preferred is the ability of the most prime stamina, considering his position allows the offensive and defense.

3. Engineering and Pattern Games.
Number of Futsal players can do 5 or 6 people, including the goalkeeper. Placement according to the player who fits the character and style of each game will be more balanced position in the last pattern or attack, as for positions that can be applied as follows.

Number of players 5 people
1. Pattern 1 - 2-2

The number of players 6 people:
1. 1-2-1-2 pattern

For this pattern of 1 goalkeeper, 2 people left and right back, 1 midfielder and 2 strikers left and right.

At the moment all positions held in their own regions with the pattern:
Organizer attacks may tempt the midfielder to the position of the two attackers and the ball can be played in third position to find a gap to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal.

Tasks back left / right in addition to keeping the movement of an opponent, a division of tasks also take their own dead ball area, if the ball was dead right then right back to take the ball, and vice versa, sought not to take each other's positions,
aim to always focus on the area / territory itself. While the quarterback duties and helped organize the attack defense, so quarterback most stamina and skill have a more vibrant.

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