The first leg match result: Defeated 0-3 Opponent Malaysia Indonesia (malaysia win)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Indonesia experienced a 0-3 defeat against hosts Malaysia in the final of the first AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 in Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Sunday.

With this result, Indonesian step weight champion this season.

Indonesia is undergoing an away party featuring christian Yong Ariwibowo and Gonzalez on the front lines. Meanwhile, Bambang Pamungkas and Irfan BAchdim Indonesian coach Alfred Ridle reserved.

While Malaysia is handled trainer: R Krishnasamy Rajagobal install a different player when it defeated Indonesia 1-5 in the preliminary round.

He put goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi, players and Mahalli Jasuli Rohidan Amar.

In pertamaini round, these two forces team trying to master the midfield with the occasional attack.

The 3rd minute, Indonesia has a chance of bait from Ridwan but through the legs Gonzales. Indonesia front-line player also several times offside.

This time, Malaysia have the opportunity through a kick Amar Rohidan but widened. Likewise Kunanlan opportunities are still able to secure goalkeeper Markus Horison in minute 15.

Indonesia re-pressing. One Word Utina corner kick directly into the goal Malaysia. But still can by goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi at minutes 20 ..

Malaysia almost winning, when the kick Ridwan which will lead to a mid field of the penalty box instead forwards leading to Malaysia, but his shot wide of the goal of Indonesia. So selamatlah Garuda team's goal.

Conversely, 28 minutes, Ahmad Bustomi kick wide to the right goalpost after mendapt bait Malaysi mature than Word.

In this fight for Mohd Asraruddin yellow card by mistake to the M Ridwan.

The second half, Indonesia tried to push through the feet of Gonzalez, but he has been offiside.

Happened to strike the match a few minutes because there is terror laser light by the host audience. After the game finally resumed negotiations.

Moments later, a crisis in goal Indonessia, one kick M Safee changed circumstances are 1-0 for the host in 61 minutes.

On board scoring pd Announcement audience in minutes 66, agarc laser does not use terror or the game will be suspended.

Lapse six minutes later, Malaysia again pressed, a thrilling kick by goalkeeper Mohammad Ashari Indonesia.

Position to 2-0 for the host.

Malaysia back enlarge Saffe goals by foot in 73 minutes. Score to 3-0.

Minute 81, Indonesia has an opportunity from a free kick, but Gonzalez is still a kick to the top wicket Malaysia.

Five minutes ahead of second-half barakhir, Indonesian coach Alfred enter Bambang Pamungkas replace Gonzales. Previously he put Arif Suyono and Irfan Bachdim.

Until the end, Indonesia was able to reduce the score.

The composition of players:

Malaysia: Khairul Fahmi (goalkeeper), M Asraruddin Son, Safiq Rahim (captain), Norsharul Idlan, Mohd Safee / Mohd Amri, Amar Rohidan, Kunanlan Subramaniam, Mahalli Jasuli / Moh Sabre, Mohd Amirulhadi, Muslim M, M Fadhli.

Coach: Rajagobal R Krishnasamy.

Indonesia: Markus Horison (goalkeeper), Muhammad Nasuha, Zulkifli Gratitude, Maman Abdurahman, Christian Gonzalez / Bambang Pamungkas, Oktovianus Maniani / Arif Suyono, Firman Utina (captain), Ahmad Bustomi, Yong Ariwibowo / Irfan Bachdim, M Ridwan, Hamka Hamzah.

Coach: Alfred Ridle.

Referee: Toma Masaaki (Japan)

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