Change of Players Procedure

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Change of Players Procedure

Futsal substitutions can be done anytime during the game futsal competitions take place by following the rules established by an official futsal FIFA, confederation or association of futsal.

The number of reserve players a maximum of seven people, but substitutions during the game is not restricted. The player who has been replaced may return to the field to replace fellow players. Substitution of this can be done anytime, either when the ball is played or vice versa. Goalkeeper may change positions or roles with other players.

By following the requirements of futsal substitutions can be made at the time the ball inside or outside the game;

- Players who will leave the field must do so in the area of the turn itself.

- Players who will enter the field must do so on their own pergantiannya area, but carried out after the player being replaced has passed the limit of the field.

- Substitution of players is very dependent on kewenagan referee, whether called or not.

- Substitution is considered valid when a substitute has entered the field, at which time the player tersebuttelah become an active player and the player being replaced has come out and stop being an active player.

Violations and Sanctions on Futsal

If the reserve players enter the field when his partner who will be replaced has not left the field, ...

- The match will be stopped;

- The player who is replaced must immediately leave the field;

- Players were given a warning instead, be punished with yellow cards, and asked to leave the field;

- The match will be followed by a free kick (indirect) for the team by putting the ball positioned lawam the turn is stopped.

Note: Sanctions imposed similar to replacement players, or who replaced if entering or leaving the field not turn diarea own team.

Assessment Futsal

1. At the beginning of indoor soccer game, each team must come up with five players.

2. If during the game rewarded the player a red card and a team has kkurang of three players (including goalkeepers), the game must be stopped.

3. Team official may give tactical instructions to his players during the game in progress. However, team officials should not affect the players and referees as well as being polite.

Players Equipment


A player may not use any equipment or accessories that could endanger himself or another player.

Basic Supplies

Basic equipment that must be met:

- Uniform or costume with a number;

- Shorts. If using stretch pants, shorts must be the same color;

- Socks;

- Gaiters (shinguards);

- Shoes that have been determined to be made of soft leather or gymnastic shoes with soles rubber or similar material.
The use of shoes is mandatory.

note: the goalkeeper is allowed to wear long clena with shades of color that distinguishes it from other players and referees. For international matches, the number must also appear on the front of the costume in a smaller size. Players should not wear the shirt in the inscribed slogan or advertisement as it will get sanction from the match committee.

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