Indonesia vs. Taiwan - Supporters Sriwijaya Disaster fundraiser

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Palembang - Indonesia national team match will face Taiwan in Jakabaring Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium in Palembang on Wednesday (11/24/2010), will be utilized for Sriwijaya FC supporters raising money for disaster victims and Mentawai Merapi.

The sporter Sriwijaya joined in Bela Fleet Sriwijaya (Beladas)

will raise money from viewers in the East Tribune Sriwijaya Stadium, which has been the location of Beladas supporters.

However, they also will raise money on the Upper West Tribune, VIP and VVIP executive committee, if permitted, as described Beladas Korwil Chairman Independent Supporters Sriwijaya (Simanis), Qusoy.

The funds will be collected, said Qusoy, ranging from USD 2-3 million. Funds will be collected that will be submitted to the Natural Disaster Command Post Sriwijaya Football Club (SFC) in the Secretariat of the SFC, Palembang Square Complex (PS).

"This action may be a success, because we want to slightly ease the burden of the victims of the disaster," said Qusoy.

Meanwhile, the fans themselves Sriwijaya FC Indonesian national team will look more ferocious than ever, when the slaying of Timor Leste 6-0. They claim the victory achieved miss Indonesian national team.
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