Champions League - Walcott Threatened Absent at Camp Nou

Saturday, February 26, 2011

London - Arsenal's current strength to challenge Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions League last 16 is likely to decrease. The reason, Theo Walcott is expected to miss the game.

Walcott suffered ankle injury in the match against Stoke City on Thursday (24/02/2011) pm dawn. Winger 21 years this has been ascertained absent for the English League Cup final contra Birmingham City this weekend.

Unfortunately for the Gunners, Walcott also is not expected to be recovered when they come to the Camp Nou to melakoni second leg of the Champions League last 16, 9 March.

"Walcott will miss two or three weeks because of ankle problems,"said Wenger, as quoted by Reuters.

"I would say it's highly unlikely he will be fit to face Barcelona second leg,"added the manager of the French origin.

"I imagine the worst so I will probably be surprised in a positive way, but I just express my feeling now," he continued.

Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas, who also got injured in the match Stoke cons, the possibility has been able to perform at Camp Nou.
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Forward, Dzeko

Manchester - Edin Dzeko began to show sharpness with Manchseter City. Two of his goal when passing The Citizens into last 16 of the Europa League to make Dzeko pleased and promised to improve its performance again.

VfL Wolfsburg purchased expensive than last January, Dzeko can not directly show sharpness for City. Of the eight games that have been served, managed just two goals which he donated.

But early this morning from Bosnia and Herzegovina footballers managed to find the sharpness back in front of goal. Entertain Aris Saloniki Dzeko scored two goals in just 12 minutes the first game.

One additional goal of Yaya Toure in the second round victory fulfill City finished 3-0 and qualified for the round perdelapanfinal with the aggregate total of 3-0. An initial proof of Dzeko purchased by not cheap at 24 million pounds.

Cash City coach Roberto Mancini was immediately praised the striker's 24-year war as the key to his side victory in the fight. Dzeko praised the coach was then pleased and satisfied to bring the City stand in a second-class competition in Continental Europe.

"We scored two goals in the first 10 minutes and this is very important in a game like this," said Dzeko told ESPN.

"I am very happy because I scored two goals for the first time with Manchester City in a goal and we qualified for the next round," he continued.

Although dwigol scored his first with City but quickly Dzeko not complacent. For her game-action forward is more important to him to keep showing consistency and brought City victory,

"I still can play better. I'm not happy with the last opportunity that I can in the first round. I have to practice anymore," said Dzeko.
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Absent Opponent Ferdinand Wigan & Chelsea, Giggs Ready

Manchester - Manchester United still have to play without defender Rio Ferdinand in the middle of crush tight schedule. The good news, veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs is ready to graze again.

Ferdinand who has been injured since the beginning of this month certainly is not better when the Red Devils visit to the cage Wigan on Saturday (26/02/2011) and the headquarters of Chelsea (1 / 3).

Apart from Ferdinand, Manchester United are also still will be without another defender, Jonny Evans. That is, manager Sir Alex Ferguson will rely on a duo Chris Smalling and Nemanja Vidic as a doorstop.

On the other hand, the good news over to United when Giggs, who missed the first game perdelapanfinal Champions League, will return to grazing. Similarly, with striker Michael Owen.

"Not much has changed from their injuries," said Ferguson as reported by the official website of MU.

"We tried for Giggs could return against Wigan and Michael Owen is back practicing and could play again," added the Scottish manager.

To Ferdinand and Evans, a pair of defender is expected to be able to play again when Manchester United come to the headquarters of Liverpool on Sunday (6 / 3).

"Rio and Jonny Evans should be back to the party opposed to Liverpool next week," said Ferguson.

MU is currently located at the top of the standings with 57 points, will try to widen the distance from Arsenal, who are one point behind. This weekend, Arsenal play in the League Cup final to face Birmingham City.
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Week No Fun for Lionel Messi

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barcelona - Lionel Messi arguably had just run the two games are "not nice". Might it be completed by this weekend, when Barcelona face Athletic Bilbao?

The first match is at the end of last week, where Barca held 1-1 draw by Sporting Gijon. These results break the chain of 16 victories in a row that they had collected since October 2010.

The next match is when facing Arsenal in the Champions League midweek this. Messi continued poor record on English soil, which failed to make a goal in seven games there. Even worse, Barca lost 1-2 in the game.

But no record "unusual" others who went to Massey. As reported by the official website of Barcelona, this is the first time this season, Messi did not score a goal in two consecutive games he played for 90 minutes.

How to fight Bilbao this weekend? Pressure against Messi, given that he is most wary of players at Barca, there must be. Scored a goal or not, it depends on Argentine star itself.

"He always had someone who stood beside her, someone gave it Dachshund. Always make it difficult for you when there are players who were under pressure, 'said the Arsenal defender, Johan Djourou, in The Sun.

However, it does not mean Messi easily turned off. Djourou admitted this. In fact, so difficult to keep Messi, he got respect and admiration.

"It's amazing to play against him. For the defender, this is the opportunity to try out the ability to face the best."

"Playing against a player who can make the difference is astounding," he said.
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Focus to Inter, Milan Leonardo Think Not

Milan - Although managed to achieve many victories, Adriano Galliani doubted the resurrection of Inter Milan. Leonardo did not want to bother with AC Milan vice-president commented that because of its focus only on the Nerazzurri.

Inter suffered a menajak chart appearance since dibesut Leonardo. In the last 10 games in Serie A, eight of them ending with a victory and two defeats.

Public football began to predict when Zavier Zanetti cs Rossoneri will be evicted from the top of the standings. Conditions doubt yesterday Galliani, who calls when compared to just close up for Christmas Inter two points in the direction of Milan.

"To be honest I did not make any calculations and if you ask me how many points that Milan have since the beginning of 2011 I could not tell me," said Leonardo on Football Italia.

"I think about us (Inter), not Milan. There are 13 matches left, one third of the season. That's the number of lots. Anything can happen," said Brazilian coach.

Efforts to pursue Inter Milan in Serie A should be divided by their gait in the Champions League. Four days after the host Cagliari in the Italian League, Inter must entertain Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League last 16.

"This team has shown continuity and in the last 12 games we achieve good results. There are a lot of continuity and even we can continue to grow. I do not believe that the Champions League will disturb us."

"This is a team that has a desire to win everything and it's normal to think to win it all without selecting a target. In the 12 games that have been undertaken we have shown an ability to maintain high standards and we've shown what we deserve," Leonardo completed.
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Edin New Dzeko Shining Season Home

London - Despite appearing quite impressive at the beginning of his career with Manchester City, Edin Dzeko not expected to shine this year. Dzeko expected to membintang next season.

Dzeko City brought a good price, 27 million pounds, from VfL Wolfsburg. Grazing in seven games, pretty neat Dzeko appearing in several games and has recorded one goal in the FA Cup.

Steve McClaren, former Wolfsburg coach who made the decision to release Dzeko City, convinced that the Bosnian striker was still able to perform better. What is needed is an adaptation Dzeko.

"I think, maybe, and I hope for Roberto Mancini, he will do this season, the best of Edin Dzeko will appear next season," McClaren told The Independent.

"When Edin've learned to feel at home in England and adapt to the system of English football, he will be a major player among the other assailant," added McClaren.

Dzeko face internal competition with a number of players the attacker plays at City. McClaren confident, when Dzeko already nyetel, then he will appear membintang.

"He has all the requirements for success in the UK. In the City a lot of strikers, so he needs a little time to coalesce," said the man who had become manager of Middlesbrough and England's.

"But I think he's a player who is very fit to play in the Premier League. But you also have to remember, sometimes not all players can automatically merge," added McClaren.
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Nuremberg Beat Frankfurt 3-0

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nuremberg continue the positive trend that they have time to entertain Eintracht Frankfurt. Compete in Frankenstadion on Saturday (19/02/2011) pm dawn, picking Nuremberg a 3-0 victory.

It became the fourth consecutive victory earned Nuremberg in the Bundesliga after previous consecutive strand Hamburg SV, Bayer Leverkusen and VfB Stuttgart. This victory took them up to sixth place points standings with 35.

Meanwhile make the trip to Frankfurt defeat Nuremberg extend their bad record that has never won in the year 2011. Statistics Stuttgart is also very bad with not scoring a single goal since the winter break while their goal conceded 11 goals.

Despite a landslide victory, Nuremberg had to wait until the second half to be able to open the advantage. Julian Schieber initiate host goals when he went on the bait bait free kick free kick Mehmet Ekici.

Robert Mak menggandalan host advantage with its action in minute 87. Cover goals came from Almog Cohen's victory in the 90th minute. Nuremberg ensure picking the 3-0 victory.
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Where's your strength, Torres?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

London - Purchased with expensive price from Liverpool, Fernando Torres expected to appear shiny with Chelsea soared. But until two games, Torres has not strong's.

Torres digaet Chelsea at 50 million pounds, the price that makes it the most expensive player in Britain today. The reason for bringing Chelsea Torres clear, to increase their power knocked on the front lines.

After wearing Chelsea, Torres had two appearances since the beginning of the fight, which at the time against Liverpool and Fulham during a visit to the headquarters. Of the two games that, how many goals that were repeated Torres? Nil.

From the latest fight to face Fulham, Torres was not able to show the 'price'. Playing for 71 minutes before being replaced Didier Drogba, Torres did pretty much endanger Mark Schwarzer's goal.

"He learned to play with the team and he was far better than against Liverpool," defended Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, regarding Torres on BBC Sports.

Ancelotti also dismissed speculation that Torres was not fit paired with Drogba, who had already established as a major player at the same time the Blues goal machine.

"I pulled him so that I can maximize the speed and power Didier Drogba, 'said he.
"They can play together, but in some games we should maximize the width of the field as well as we did in the second half of this match,"said Ancelotti.
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Cristiano Ronaldo: Violation? That thing Ordinary

Friday, February 11, 2011

Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo is often violated by opposing players. As proof, he showed the bruises on her legs. But the Real Madrid goal machine said he was used to it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who has the sharpness of the class bully. Although not a pure striker, but the 26-year player proved himself as a predator who always had a hunger to tear the opponent's goal.

In La Liga this season he has 24 goals and set off - with Barcelona star Lionel Messi as pemuncak list of top-scorer.

Overall, CR7 already posted 50 goals in La Liga so far this arena. The man managed to become the Portuguese passports Madrid player who scored 50 goals in the fewest number of matches, ahead of Los Blancos other legends such as Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskás.

In addition to sharpness, the actions of individuals Ronaldo is also often difficult for an opponent is guarding. In order to prevent the movement of ex-Manchester United's opponents were forced to prop.

Data from Soccernet showed that Ronaldo opponent violated 58 times from 22 appearances in the Champions league this season. As for last season, Ronaldo is violated 94 times from 29 times to play in the same competition.

Ronaldo himself admitted that the violations against him are common. "Look at my legs and bruises there. But for me, the offense is something normal. I do often get a challenge, but I tried not to respond," said CR7 as quoted by the official website of Madrid.

"I got up and continued playing mencoa. When I was little, I never had the experience of being violated here and there and I continue to rise and fight again because the opponent when it's bigger than me," he stated.

Ronaldo is not rare to protest the actions of her opponent. Such conditions inevitably make players born February 5, 1986 was often accused of provocative actions and trying to influence referees.

Ronaldo did not interfere with any presumption tilted to him. "I'm used to face an unpleasant situation. Indeed, sometimes I'm bothered by what people say to me, but things like that have become part of my life," he exclaimed.

"I kept fighting. I only listen when people said: 'The Portuguese players performed very well'. To be able to play well, I do not need people who annoy me."

"I always try to display the best in the field and trying to help my team win with goals from me, with a bait-bait and so on. I have always tried to be the best," he closed.
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Derby ahead of Manchester - Manchester United left-back Middle Two

Manchester - Manchester United get the bad news ahead of a meeting with Manchester City on Saturday (12/02/2011). Two middle defender, Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans, injured.

Ferdinand fails to recover in time from an injury that membekapnya before the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers last weekend. Without Ferdinand, Manchester United's first league kekalagan swallow this season. The Red Devils defeated 1-2.

While Evans get his injury when defending Northern Ireland. Sir Alex Ferguson was memastian that 23-year-old defender will not be lowered.

With an injury to Ferdinand and Evans, MU practically only rely on Nemanja Vidic and Chris Smalling as defense doorstop.

"Rio Ferdinand get a calf injury last weekend. He will miss several weeks," said Fergie on ESPN Star.

"Jonny Evans injury while training with Northern Ireland. He's out, so Chris Smalling will play. I am sure, he (Smalling) will play well."

At the first meeting in the City of Manchester stadium in November 2010, both teams played a 0-0 draw. This time, victory will further strengthen MU in the top of the standings. Instead, the victory could mempertipsi City distance to city rivals it.

Manchester United are now collecting 54 points, while City 49 points. That means, the distance they are only five points adrift. However, The Citizens pocketed one more game than the 'Red Devils'.
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Coming to the Spanish league - 'Defeat Will End Season Madrid'

Madrid - Match away to Espanyol this weekend is not an easy job for Real Madrid. But the victory must be achieved if Los Merengues do not want to end the La Liga this season without a title.

La Liga is now entering the weekend to-23. The position of the current standings is Barcelona is on top with 61 points, while Madrid is in second place with 54 points. Seven points that distinguish both the Spanish giants.

This week Barca will come to the ranking of the 13 Sporting Gijon on Sunday (02/13/2011) pm dawn. With his appearance today, three points would not seem out of Los Cules.

With his appearance today, three points would not seem out of Los Cules.

A day later then Madrid will compete in Cornella El Prat against rank-6 Espanyol. With two defeats from 10 parties cage this season, Espanyol will be a formidable opponent for Jose Mourinho's troops.

Especially in the party's last away games, Real Madrid lost 0-1 from Osasuna. So also must possess a high concentration of Cristiano Ronaldo and his friends if you do not want to lose the numbers again.

A draw or defeat can make Madrid say 'goodbye' to the La Liga title. That's the assessment of the defender 'The White' Raul Albiol.

"We still have some tough games and we've played in the last two games. We must not make the mistake again because if we do it again, then we can virtually say goodbye to the league title," Albiol said as quoted by Marca.

Barca won the victory that day before going the distance while a 10 and was a bit much will affect the appearance of Madrid later on. Last season the Los Blancos won 3-0 in the same place.

Last season the Los Blancos won 3-0 in the same place.

"Espanyol are a difficult team because they have a good record at home. Everyone knows they want to win and we must not fail. Victory is mandatory because we are different seven points with Barcelona," said Albiol
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Tips for buying shoes futsal

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here are some tips to buy shoes futsal:
a. Choose shoes that fit with the kind of legs that we have a (type of leg length or width to the side)
b. Choose shoes that fit the criteria of how we kick the ball (use the back foot, toe, foot interior, using the big toe)
c. Choose shoes that have a size that fits with our feet, not too big and not too small (must fit).
d. Choose shoes that are not heavy because it will make us tired.
e. Try shoes would you buy, do not just wear off but then try to run and swung it because sometimes there are shoes that make our feet sore eyes when we used to walk, run or when kicking the ball.
f. Choose the shoes of the material that is not easily peeled off (usually depends on the quality of materials and footwear prices)
g. Customize your shoes you want to buy with the money you have.

Tips for buying shoes futsal
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Futsal Clinic

Futsal Clinic

How effective heating for events such as cramps do not occur when in or finish the game?
This is indeed a classic problem, both for amateur and professional. However, in truth could be anticipated from an early age with an effective warm up. Actually there was no significant difference with the type of heating in football.
For more simplicity noticed some movement following:
1. Light Running around the field. It could be 10 -15 minutes. Then proceed with some warming movement that has been proven to avoid cramps.
For example kissed knee motion with one leg bent. Then alternated with one knee bent. Carried out alternately and the time was 1-3 minutes.
2. Lunges with other variations.
Lifting one knee or bend the knee with the other leg parallel to the ground. Simply do 1-3 minutes. The movement is quite effective to relax the muscles of the thigh and calf section.
Source: Soccer (Football and Futsal Tabloid).
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Futsal Ball Rules

Friday, February 4, 2011


The ball must:

* Shaped round.
* Made of leather or other materials.
* Minimum and maximum diameter of 62 cm 64 cm.
* Weight ball when the game started a minimum of 400 grams and 440 grams maximum.
* The pressure equal to 0.4 to 0.6 atmosphere (400-600 g / cm ³).

If broken or damaged ball in a game:

* The match was stopped temporarily.
* The match is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the first ball was damaged.

If the ball becomes broken or damaged when the ball is not in the game when the game starts, the goal kicks, corner kicks, free kicks, penalty kicks or kick into:

* The game starts again in accordance with normal rules.
* The ball can not be replaced during the game without permission from the referee.

Laken ball from leather / fur (Felt ball) is not allowed.
Bouncing ball is not allowed less than 55 cm and should not be more than 65 cm on the first bounce when dropped from a height of 2 m. In a game or competition, only balls that meet the minimum technical requirements set forth in Rule No. 2 is allowed to be used.
In a game or competition of FIFA and other games under the supervision of the confederation, use Futsal ball depending on the requirements of the three logos on the ball:
Logo official "FIFA APPROVED" or "FIFA INSPECTED" or reference "International Match Ball Standard"
Logo printed on the ball that the ball has been tested officially and in accordance with technical requirements, each with different categories of specifications set forth in Rule No. 2, a list of additional requirements specified in each category issued by FIFA. Institution designated by FIFA who will conduct the test.
National Association to approve the use of ball that will be used for the competition itself or the entire competition that was held, the ball used must satisfy one of three requirements that have been determined from Rule No.2
If the national association to allow the use of balls bearing the "FIFA APPROVED" or "FIFA INSPECTED" for the competition itself, the national association must also allow the use of a ball that holds a royalty-free design "Matchball International Standard".
In FIFA competition and other competitions under the supervision of confederations and national associations, are not allowed any form of commercial advertising printed on the ball, except for plaques of competition, competition organizers and manufacturers' trademarks by limiting the size and number of these signs.
These rules are quoted from the FIFA Futsal Law Of The Game 2006
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Strategy attacking futsal Rambo

Strategy attacking futsal Rambo
In addition to using the strategy of attack Square (2-2), still there is another attack strategy called Rombo (3-1). 3-1 strategy is more flexible than the Square. Four of the players are divided into two lines, where three players were behind and one player was in front. This strategy has many tricks because one person in front of players who are not necessarily the target man. It could be the top scorer in the player just behind the forward line to the front to help the attack.
In applying this strategy required a good cooperation. One of the players who are in the front row must be smart search space and perform the movement with or without the ball so that it can confuse opposing players, while players in the back row is the target man should be ready to score goals, but players should not be seen striking. Players should look as if they act as feeders. When players in the front row guarded by an opposing player, then the target man must immediately move forward and break into the front and ready to receive the ball and score goals. Rombo attack strategy is indeed more difficult than with Square because the players are required to have skills, physical strength, and good cooperation. The advantage gained if a team can put it into practice is the team will be have many options for attacking or baiting maneuver the ball. Rotation motion can also be demonstrated. In addition, the defense will be well maintained because a team can quickly change the schema to be defensive 1-2-1 formation. So which strategy will be chosen by your team?
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tricks scored from dead ball

In futsal games, a lot of goals that can be created from dead balls chance that obtained in the event of infringement or the ball out by an opposing player so that the referee to give a gift or a free kick from the corner to our team. Normally each team has specific ways (special trick in exploiting this dead-ball ball for a goal). Here are a few tricks that can be used in utilizing gifts free kick or corner to be gol.

1. Corner
Corner obtained if opposing players throw the ball out past his own goal line. In utilizing corners, the most important thing to consider is the communication between players due to good communication then a lot could be done to score.
· Kick the ball past the reach of goalkeeper opponent (on the cob) and then another friend was ready menanduknya to the wicket (headings) to score
· Kick the ball far to the opposite side (ball) so that the friend was ready to do the first time a hard kick to score goals
• If all your friends with a tight taped (guarded man to man) then the ball backward shift gears (kedaerah game itself) so that the goalkeeper could do hard kick straight to goalkeeper
° and the last, tending it with a fast ball towards the opposing goal for friend or hoping to score an opposing player scored an own goal.
All tricks must often be trained when training so that communication and the placement position of each player is very good. There are many other tricks you can do to score goals from corner kicks, so continue to be trained and tested for more terbiasa.

2. Free kick
Similarly, corner kicks, free kicks in the use of any much-needed good communication between players and should continue to be done in practice to get used to. There are several tricks that can be done is to give to friends who do not pass heavily guarded so that he could do with a hard kick and scored easily. For a free kick tricks are generally preceded by cues eye position among the players so that arrangements can be done easily. But there is also usually a direct kick hard toward the goal without performing operand first.
All the tricks can be done as long as the cohesiveness and communication among the players can be practiced well and each player has to understand their respective roles. So keep practicing and trained for cooperation and kekompakkan more unified team.
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attack strategy in futsal

Like football, also known as offensive tactics in the game of futsal. There are several attack strategies that can be used in playing futsal. The strategy used depends on the opponent you will face, the physical condition of players and others. The strategy among which the 2-2 formation known as the Square. Square is the best attack strategy dasardimana four players divided into 2 rows. Two players are front row and two other players are behind him. Like football, also known as offensive tactics in the game of futsal. There are several attack strategies that can be used in playing futsal. The strategy used depends on the opponent you will face, the physical condition of players and others. The strategy among which the 2-2 formation known as the Square. Square is the most basic attack strategy in which four players divided into 2 rows. Two players are front row and two other players are behind him.
To implement this strategy required a certain characteristic. Two of the players in front of speed and skill should have feed and good shooting. Instead of two players behind the ball must always be ready to receive under any circumstances.
2-2 strategy is very beneficial because it does not drain physical energy. This formation only effective if the player excels in one-on-one duel with an opposing player. However, in addition to profits, this strategy also has a special disadvantage because typically support between the lines in an attack feels less. This is due to differences in skills that are owned by the players. It would be very dangerous if the opponent team did covering and pressing tight, so the 2-2 team that uses this strategy will be difficult.
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Copa Del Rey - Barcelona vs Madrid, the First After 21 Years

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Final Copa Del Rey finally bring together two best club Spanish League: Real Madrid and Barcelona. This is the first meeting of the top two teams in the tournament game in 21 years.

Barcelona make sure to qualify for the Copa Del Rey final after beat Almeria 3-0 a few hours ago. These results fulfill another major victory with the score 5-0 at the first meeting at the Camp Nou.

Although not generate a lot of goals, Real Madrid also successfully advanced to its first Copa del Rey final in seven years. After a controversial victory with the score 1-0 at home Seviila, dawn was Los Merengues back ahead by 2-0.

Barcelona Meeting cons Madrid in the Copa Del Rey final is clearly the ideal regarding the status of both clubs as the ruler of Spain and the rivalry both in La Liga. History records that this is for the first time Barca and Real Madrid re-faced in the Copa Del Rey final after 21 years.

The last meeting in the final two teams occurred in 1990 in a match that was held at the Estadio Luis Casanova, Valencia. At that Barcelona made it out to be champions after winning 2-0.

History records that the Barcelona and Madrid have faced each other five times in the top party Copa Del Rey. Of this amount Barcelona thin lead with a score of 3-2.

Unique facts of the Copa Del Rey it is all about participation of the two teams in the final event. Madrid has now recorded 36 times in the final, winning over new Barca 34 times.

But the Catalans are still listed as a club with the greatest number with the total gain 25 titles. While Los Merengues have collected 17 trophies.

The following notes cons Madrid Barcelona meeting in the Copa Del Rey final

1990 FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2-0, Estadio Luis Casanova, Valencia
1983 FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2-1, La Romareda, Zaragoza
1974 Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona 4-0, Vicente Calderón, Madrid
1968 CF Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-0, Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
1936 Madrid CF vs. FC Barcelona 2-1, Mestalla, Valencia
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Barca (Barcelona) Direct Focus to Atletico

Barcelona - Real Madrid waiting for Barcelona in Copa Del Rey final. Despite facing a big enemy, Josep Guardiola would not think much about it before because he wanted to focus his troops back into the league.

Barcelona gets a ticket to the final of the Copa Del Rey 8-0 aggregate victory after picking over Almeria. Opponents are waiting for them in the final is another Spanish giant Real Madrid.

That would be the sixth meeting of the two teams in the final of the Copa Del Rey. Regardless of this history, contra Madrid Barcelona meeting always involves a lot of emotions that have been linked both rooted rivalry.

However, Josep Guardiola will not spin away a match that will be held that is new will be held on April 20 it. The focus now is to fight counter Barca Atletico Madrid in La Liga continued this weekend.

"Now we must try to recover for the match on Saturday because we will face one of the strongest," Guardiola said after the match in the U.S..

"This month is the heaviest. There is no rest. The appeal of the Copa Del Rey is in the end, the process of getting there is tough. Cup is nice to give players who rarely revealed and players are often installed to rest," Guardiola completely linked many players lining he played in the game.
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Mourinho-Valdano Praise Emmanuel Adebayor

Madrid - Emmanuel Adebayor scored a goal in his debut match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Top goals that he made it, praise flowed from Jose Mourinho and Jorge Valdano.

On loan from Manchester City until the end of this season, Adebayor was actually undergoing an unpleasant debut for Real Madrid just lost to Osasuna in La Liga last weekend.

But disappointment over the results of the fight paid off early morning semi-finals earlier in the Copa Del Rey. Entertain Sevilla, Los Merengues pick a 2-0 victory to ensure win a ticket to the final.

Adebayor can be a lot of flattery in the game after he scored a goal despite the entrance as a substitute. Lassana Diarra operand controlling the ball with his chest, Togo striker's release from close range volley that changed the position to be 2-0.

"For a new player who once grazed at the Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid in uniform, on the first occasion he touched the ball 'Poom Poom' that's him. That's something fantastic and very good for her confidence," said Mourinho described the performance of his new players.

Praise on the former Arsenal player had also come from the General Director Jorge Valdano. "There is no other better way to present yourself at the Santiago Bernabeu. He showed ketenangana and kebegisannya. That will give him confidence," said Valdano in Yahoosports.
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