Strategy attacking futsal Rambo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Strategy attacking futsal Rambo
In addition to using the strategy of attack Square (2-2), still there is another attack strategy called Rombo (3-1). 3-1 strategy is more flexible than the Square. Four of the players are divided into two lines, where three players were behind and one player was in front. This strategy has many tricks because one person in front of players who are not necessarily the target man. It could be the top scorer in the player just behind the forward line to the front to help the attack.
In applying this strategy required a good cooperation. One of the players who are in the front row must be smart search space and perform the movement with or without the ball so that it can confuse opposing players, while players in the back row is the target man should be ready to score goals, but players should not be seen striking. Players should look as if they act as feeders. When players in the front row guarded by an opposing player, then the target man must immediately move forward and break into the front and ready to receive the ball and score goals. Rombo attack strategy is indeed more difficult than with Square because the players are required to have skills, physical strength, and good cooperation. The advantage gained if a team can put it into practice is the team will be have many options for attacking or baiting maneuver the ball. Rotation motion can also be demonstrated. In addition, the defense will be well maintained because a team can quickly change the schema to be defensive 1-2-1 formation. So which strategy will be chosen by your team?

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