Barca (Barcelona) Direct Focus to Atletico

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Barcelona - Real Madrid waiting for Barcelona in Copa Del Rey final. Despite facing a big enemy, Josep Guardiola would not think much about it before because he wanted to focus his troops back into the league.

Barcelona gets a ticket to the final of the Copa Del Rey 8-0 aggregate victory after picking over Almeria. Opponents are waiting for them in the final is another Spanish giant Real Madrid.

That would be the sixth meeting of the two teams in the final of the Copa Del Rey. Regardless of this history, contra Madrid Barcelona meeting always involves a lot of emotions that have been linked both rooted rivalry.

However, Josep Guardiola will not spin away a match that will be held that is new will be held on April 20 it. The focus now is to fight counter Barca Atletico Madrid in La Liga continued this weekend.

"Now we must try to recover for the match on Saturday because we will face one of the strongest," Guardiola said after the match in the U.S..

"This month is the heaviest. There is no rest. The appeal of the Copa Del Rey is in the end, the process of getting there is tough. Cup is nice to give players who rarely revealed and players are often installed to rest," Guardiola completely linked many players lining he played in the game.

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