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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Futsal Clinic

How effective heating for events such as cramps do not occur when in or finish the game?
This is indeed a classic problem, both for amateur and professional. However, in truth could be anticipated from an early age with an effective warm up. Actually there was no significant difference with the type of heating in football.
For more simplicity noticed some movement following:
1. Light Running around the field. It could be 10 -15 minutes. Then proceed with some warming movement that has been proven to avoid cramps.
For example kissed knee motion with one leg bent. Then alternated with one knee bent. Carried out alternately and the time was 1-3 minutes.
2. Lunges with other variations.
Lifting one knee or bend the knee with the other leg parallel to the ground. Simply do 1-3 minutes. The movement is quite effective to relax the muscles of the thigh and calf section.
Source: Soccer (Football and Futsal Tabloid).

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