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Over the years, Alessandro Rosa Vieira has been regarded as the best in the world as the world futsal players.
The man with a brilliant left foot, dubbed "Falcao", aiming to win the only trophy still missing from the collection, FIFA Futsal World Cup, in his homeland Brazil.
FIFA Centennial World Player Gala chat took place at the Opera House Zurich on December 20, 2004 saw Ronaldinho enliven the FIFA World Player of the Year and awards given to superstars such as Thierry Henry and Andriy Shevchenko.
But only one player who draw spontaneous applause from the audience.
There is a breath of wonder and the words "unbelievable", "fantastic" and "phenomenal" could be heard as the video highlights from the world's leading futsal flashes.
Praise and applause was for Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known in the futsal world simply as "Falcao".
Four years ago, he was recognized as the best futsal player on the planet.
More than two million people now play futsal held across the world.
The appeal of unlimited futsal, and Falcao futsal is a tremendous ambassador for interesting people to want to play futsal.
Those who view him play immediately fell in love with the game of futsal.
It seems there are no tricks or tricks that the Brazilian star left leg.

"Falcao is my idol," said Ronaldinho, sounding like a star-attacking a teenager, ► and Robinho, another Brazilian football star, called him "professor"
Born in the metropolitan cities in Sao Paulo Brazil, Falcao playing in the street in front of her parents' house when he was young.
He likes something that confuses opponents, dribbling, shooting and showing off with a scissors-kick and an overhead kick, even on asphalt surfaces.
"Football is too boring for me."
"It took too long to get a touch of the ball in football. "
Falcao feel comfortable in a small field - it is where he is, where he is king and can dance with the ball.
"But I can dance with the ball, it happens automatically,"
he said, laughing.
"I have been blessed with many talents," he admits.
However, he will never get the throne because of hard training, he played indoor soccer every day.
He has been a professional player for half his life, and indeed is the player with the highest salaries in the world.
"I've found fame and fortune," said Falcao.
According to reports, he was paid monthly approximately $ 25,000 by the club Malwee / Jaragua.
Another source of income is "Falcao Sports", the company he founded.
Consisting futsal school, his own clothing brand and website www.falcaol2. com. com.
Falcao also stars in several ads, including one with close friends Tlobinho.
When Falcao interesting Malwee / Jaragua he wore a shirt with number 12 on his back, every seat audience hall of the population must be taken in Jaragua, a city with a population of 130,000 in the state of Santa Catatina.
On average 15,000 fans attending the game, 1,000 people more than people who watch the local football team, and Falcao is a much debated anymore.
The fans, many t-shirts and hats adorned with the number 12, creaks and cheered every time he touched the ball.
A sports hall is now even named after the playmaker.
Thanks Falcao, nearly all 180 million people in Brazil now know where Malwee / Jaragua and where Sol Jaragua is located.
Falcao made his debut for the Selecao, the Brazilian national team at the age of 17 years, and he has won dozens of titles and trophies with various clubs.
not enough space for the achievement Falcao.
But he never felt to be world champion.
but that has changed in October.
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2008 in his homeland finally grabbed. "I want to win this title, that's my biggest goal and my biggest dream," said Falcao.
He and his team always get rid of by the Spanish in the past, both in the final in Guatemala in 2000 and on penalties in the semi-final of Chinese Taipei in 2004.
"It was a bitter defeat and prolonged pain," said Falcao.
This is not the only setback in the otherwise glorious career.
He finally tried several times to establish himself in football world (not indoor soccer), but did not get past the trials in Santos, a team that has diidolakanya since childhood, or Palmeiras Portuguesa.
Sao Paulo gave him a six month contract in 2005, but the coach at that time, Brazil's former international goalkeeper Emerson Leao, just use Falcao within six games of 21, so bring it back to the futsal.
Overall, he has scored nearly 250 goals for the national team and he plans to add that the acquisition during the FIFA Futsal World Cup, where it will form part of a highly talented team of extraordinary featuring players such as goalkeeper Franklin, Lenisio, Schumacher, Neto and Vinicius.
After all, Falcao is now 31 years old, he approached the end of his career.
he was very pleased that at least one of his two sons seemed set to follow in his footsteps.
Enzo (6 yrs) has had an amazing ball skills, and Falcao looks proud of her: "She is a real phenomenon," he said, just like his father.

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