Coming to Iran vs Indonesia - Bambang ultimate (bepe): 'Red and White' Come Not to Lose

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tehran - Bambang Pamungkas acknowledge that Iran is a strong team. But, captain of Indonesia confirmed that he and his colleagues did not come to defeat.

Indonesia will undergo a third qualifying round of the inaugural match of World Cup Asian zone 2014 on Friday (02/09/2011). Garuda team will be treated to Iran in Azadi Stadium, Tehran.

"Iran is a strong team, but we did not come here to lose. We came to get points," Bambang said in a release received detiksport.

"We'll see in 90 minutes of the match. The team will win. Obviously we will try to get the best results," said the striker who was familiarly called this bepe.

Bepe acknowledges that the situation of Iranian football is better than Indonesia. However, he still hoped Indonesia could someday equal the level of the Middle Eastern country.

"It's hard to compare Iran with us. Iran has a stable league, while we were in transition to create a new league with the stewardship of a new federation to get to the football better," said Persija this player.

"In 1938 we had competed in the World Cup. There will be a time again where later the results of this transitional period that will take us into one of Asia's strong team," he said.

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