This is the reason for Australian Players to Play in Indonesia ( Glory Aleks Vrteski)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

SOLO - The opportunity to play with more fans of football, better pay, and flight distances are not too far from his homeland are among the reasons former Perth Glory goalkeeper Aleks Vrteski enjoy a life of football in Indonesia.

He's not the only Australian players who enjoy toil Indonesia to improve the quality of the football competition as the most popular sport in this country of 250 million souls.

Glory Vrteski who left in December last year, has flown back to Indonesia yesterday (09/04/2011) along with seven other Kangaroos players from the State, including former Glory midfielder, David Micevski and Andrija Jukic and former youth team captain Steve Hesketh Glory.

Robbie Gaspar who was a pioneer for Australian players who play in competitions Indonesia recently appointed as the players union executive committee of Indonesia had already been in Indonesia.

"Robbie has been there for a while and he knows how it all works, so he's very helpful for us," said Vrteski as reported by The West Australian, Monday (05/09/2011).

Vrteski, who played in Solo FC and called when the all-star match between local players against foreign legion, said the atmosphere in Indonesia and the desire to become a better club is a thing that makes it still wants to play in Indonesia.

PSSI's decision regarding who to include more participants in the main competition Liga Indonesia, his positive view of this fact.

"I think the league will continue to get better because it is involved in the competition is a huge amount, and it is important in the game," said Vrteski.

The Australian players who play in competitions Indonesia is expected to get paid 50 thousand - 150 thousand U.S. dollars or 426 million to 1.3 billion dollars per season.

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