Impatient Walcott Arsenal Meet New Players

Sunday, September 4, 2011

LONDON - Arsenal striker Theo Walcott claimed the movement was both shocked and delighted with the Gunners before the summer transfer window closed.

Five new recruits players acquired in the last minute transfer deadline, it makes Walcott believes Arsenal's condition will change soon after the arrival of new players.

"As long as I'm here, I've never seen Arsenal do things like this (transfer)," Walcott said as reported by ESPN on Monday (05/09/2011).

Walcott will soon be training with Mikel Arteta, Yossi Benayoun, Andre Santos, Park Chu-young and Per Mertesacker who trafficked with Tim Gunner spent approximately 40 million pounds.

"Many who leave their teams until the last minute transfer deadline, it is very interesting to see it. We managed to get some great players and I can not wait to meet them, "said the England international is.

"New face tends to bring a new spirit for all people. We must all raise our spirit and hope our new players will do their jobs well, "he said.

Walcott also praised Arteta which he said would greatly help the Gunners achievement and replace the role of the left CECS Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

"They all have experience. Arteta is a fantastic player. He was able to give good passes and I can not wait to play with him, "he said.

With the new Arsenal collected one point from three matches in the Premier League as well as the absence of eight players through injury and being punished, Walcott remains optimistic his team were able to struggle to restore their position at the top of the Premier League, especially after the humiliating 8-2 defeat of Manchester United.

"I do not worry about the future of Arsenal. It's tough to recover mentally from the result (against United) and it was painful for us, "he said.

"However, a large club Arsenal. We do not want to fall into a situation like this, I would not say give up, we will do our best, "

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