Benefits and Role Futsal

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Benefits and Role Futsal

By playing futsal, players can develop the skills properly. The rules are very strict, where players are prohibited from doing hard tackling and sliding. That way, players can show off without thinking of risk for the injured opponent.

Futsal is a sport that has strict rules about physical contact. Sliding tackle (tackle from behind), body charge (conflict of body), and other aspects of violence such as in a football game is not permitted in futsal.

The violence that often colors in the game of football so far rarely been found in futsal. This is one reason why this darling of the indoor soccer, particularly for young mothers are also no longer need to worry about the injury and the fight against children.

There are six factors that can help players develop technical and tactical ability to play the ball well.

1. Intelligence

Futsal is a game that flows away without any special preparation. That is, a player has to improvise to deal with a situation that would change the game. Futsal is an ideal medium to develop soccer intelligence.

2. Engineering

Futsal is more emphasis on the ability (skills) than physical. Control of the ball when receiving and passing as well as changes in body movement will be very useful when playing the ball off the pitch. Players can be more mature in controlling the ball compared to conventional football.

3. Quick Games

In futsal, because of the narrow space, the ball will roll quickly between the legs of players. This will help players to develop a fast game and the team individually.

4. Total Soccer

There is no division of the position, but all the players help each other and must have a mental as well as characters survive and attack. It helps the players to adjust to any position according to the demands of modern football and overcome various problems of tactics and strategy games or.

5. Entertainment

Futsal is a fast and exciting games or, when the players keep moving rather than waiting for the ball. With a small field conditions, the common goals in large quantities which can be printed or produced by different players.

6. Ability Goalkeepers

Goalkeeper play an active role and not just under the crossbar gawan transfixed. Goalkeepers need to learn to play the ball, keeping wicket, and watched carefully the direction of the ball from a corner and they must know also how to participate in the attack as the fifth player.

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