Arsenal should bring Van der Vaart

Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Arsenal should bring Van der Vaart'

Rafael van der Vaart

Rafael van der Vaart appears ok with the Spurs (Getty Images)

Rafael Van der Vaart is a player who might be most wary of Arsenal in North London derby duel this weekend. In fact, Van Persie has proposed the Gunners to buy it.

Van der Vaart at Real Madrid, whose career was relatively less shining suddenly like finding a new home. Nyetel game with Tottenham Hotspur and the impact he has scored five goals in the Premier League this season.

With the appearance that, Arsenal will face Spurs this weekend could be given special attention. Van Persie, who was a team with him in the Dutch national team, admitted that Van der Vaart has a big role in the Spurs game.

"He was a great footballer. I know the quality, "he said on ESPN Star.

"I'd rather see him at Arsenal. I have several times indicated that Rafael could be useful for Arsenal. However, my advice is not followed. "

"I regret the fact he was not imported. But, it all club decisions. This is just my opinion alone. "

"Now, you can see it. Spurs used to be a good team, but now they are one of the top teams, "said Van Persie.

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