Chelsea Not Able Impressive Again

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

London - Chelsea came from behind are capable of Žilina in the Champions League Matchday 5 and turned around to win. But if you consider a class difference between them and Chelsea's performance at the beginning of the season, people would wonder. What's wrong with 'The Blue'?

Public stunned Stamford Bridge when

Bello Babatounde break Chelsea's goalkeeper who was escorted by Ross Turnbull in the 19th minute the match on Wednesday (24/11/2010) pm dawn. Žilina, a debutant team in the Champions League, 1-0 lead over host Chelsea.

Chelsea, who noted Soccernet appear very dominant with the control of the ball 64, can only be returned six minutes into the second half by Daniel Sturridge. Then ensured victory late goal by Florent Malouda four minutes ahead of dispersal.

Chelsea struggle to reverse the situation to win all at once so clear group winners deserves special credit. Moreover, it also achieved through the appearance of a number of young players. But because the game at home to counter-acted that it should be easy to overcome your opponent, who had achieved victory after conceding first and only confirmed through late goals, certainly not okay.

"I'm upset because we did not play nice. We did not perform well. This is a difficult game because we did not start the game well, "complained Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti at the AFP.

"If we play like during the first half, it is impossible to win the Champions League," she added.

The victory did not impress the Blues are adding a lot of homework that should fix Ancelotti's team, having previously recorded two consecutive defeats in the Premier League, Sunderland humiliated 0-3 at home and lost 0-1 from Birmingham. Moreover, their performance is in stark contrast with the appearance early in the season.

As defending champions, Chelsea players who matter are relatively not changed much since the start step on the gas directly. Five Premier League with a perfect pass through the incision extraordinary productivity, 21 goals, with only conceded 1 goal. Among other things, Chelsea also won 4-1 in Champions League Matchday 1 when treated Žilina.

Results are harvested Chelsea lately itself may be an effect of the sudden sacking of Ray Wilkins as assistant Ancelotti. Later, the future of Ancelotti even come into question.

"Yesterday I talked about it and now I just want to talk about football, 'said Ancelotti while back asked about his future at Chelsea.

The London club's players themselves also appear to not want to engage in a discussion of future speculation Ancelotti. A statement from a key player of Chelsea, Didier Drogba, for example.

"The manager has confirmed that he would still be here and I think we should focus on the game and the results. We must solve our problems because we currently do not play well, "said Drogba on Sky Sports.

"We did not talk about it (future speculation Ancelotti). We remain focused on the game and want to return to victory lane, "he concluded.

Even so, before being able to return impressive show, as performance at the beginning of the season, will undoubtedly still there are people who ask, "Chelsea is now wrong with you?".
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