Futsal Game; Errors and Violations

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Errors and Violations

Futsal match had some penalties in case of error or violation of them hard;

Direct free kick

Direct free kick awarded to the opposing team if a player does one of the following six types of violations, the referee deemed as an act less cautious, rude, or intend to injure his opponent.
- Kicking or attempting to kick opponent.
- Opponent by way of a sliding wedge (thrust both legs along the ground) from the side, front, or rear.
- Skip the opponent's body
- Encourage your opponent, either by hand or shoulder.
- Hit or tried to hit the opponent.

Direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player follows one of the offenses.
- Holding the opponent's body.
- Spitting on opponents.
- Conducting a sliding tackle to steal the ball-controlled opponents.
- Touching the opponent before the ball when trying to control the ball.
- Hold the ball deliberately, except by a goalkeeper in the penalty area.

Indirect free kick

Kepad free kick is awarded the opposing team if a goalkeeper following one of the offenses.
- After securing the ball, he re-touched by hand before played or touched by an opposing player,
- Touching or possession of the ball is in shift gears by her teammates,
- Touching or possession of the ball with his hands after receiving the ball directly from kick into committed teammates,
- Touching or possession of the ball with hands or feet for more than four minutes,
- Playing a dangerous manner,
- Intentionally to obstruct an opponent,
- Committing an offense when the games or stopped to give a warning or remove a player.

Position of Free Kick

= Player opponents must stand at a distance 5 m from the ball.
= Ball back in the game after being kicked, touched, or played by opposing players.
= When the team survived a free kick from inside his own penalty area, all opposing players must be outside the penalty area.

Penalty kick

Futsal penalty kicks in the game is given if a player commits an offense in his own penalty area, where any position as long as the conditions of moving the ball or the ball alive.

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