Aff Cup: President asks Supporters of Indonesia Permanent Sportif

Monday, December 27, 2010

1st leg match AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 finals were colored by the number of laser beams are directed to the Indonesian players. In broadcast television, clearly visible several times face Utina Mark Harison and Word continues to be bothered by a laser beam from the audience.

In the 55th minute, the game was suspended due to interference had been too much laser light. Shortly thereafter, the match resumed, and the Word Utina et al even appear in the bottom of the form. Three goals were lodged to the wicket after the termination of the match Mark Harison earlier.

Despite claims no interference from the laser beam, coach Alfred Riedl is not too make it as a defeat of reason. He just highlights the ignorance and mistakes of individuals some of his players. This is money you want to search for the cause by Riedl not repeated in the second game.

From the opposite camp, coach Rajagobal Malaysia would not entirely blame the supporters of Malaysia for several attacks a laser beam in the first final match.

"For the laser, we do not know. It could have come from supporters of Malaysia and Indonesia could also be of backers," said Rajagopal, after the match.

Even so, some supporters of the statement of Indonesia, there are at least five points a laser beam that continues to hunt down movement and player Markus Harison Indonesia who took the ball dead. photographer also had a chance of capturing images Malaysian supporters who fired a laser from the stands.

Meanwhile, President SBY and Menegpora Andi Mallarangeng also communicate with each other on the issue of this laser. SBY even asked Andi Mallarengeng to protest the action.

However, with wise Yudhoyono asked the Indonesian football lovers do not reply to a similar act when Indonesia hosted the second game in SUGBK finals on Wednesday (29/12). Yudhoyono called on all sides for maximum support team capable of winning big in the second game.

"I do not want to Indonesian fans bandwagon highlight the opposing player with a laser. Let us be a nation sportsmanship," said SBY.

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