Indonesia won 5-1 on Malaysia

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Indonesia won 5-1 on Malaysia

AFF-Suzuki Cup-2010maiwanews - Indonesian teams won a match against Malaysia in the fight AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 with a landslide numbers 5-1. The victory was achieved at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SU GBK), Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

The fifth goal was scored by Cristian Gonzalez and Irfan Bachdim one goal each, two others were donated by M. Ridwan and Ariel Suyono. Meanwhile, another goal own goal created by Mohamad Asrarudin.

Malaysia scored the only goal it first created in the first half, when Safee Bin Mohamad Ali Mohamad releases bait to Norshahrul Idlan and succeeded in thrilling goal is escorted Mark.

Gol Indonesia started when the game entered the minutes 21, shortly after the home team scored. Bunh goals themselves are starting to Irfan Nasuha bait in Malaysia penalty box, but hit the foot of the players of Malaysia, Mohamad Asrarudin, so the position to be 1-1.

Not long ago, the second goal in minute 33, when the Word of giving the ball to Cristian, who promptly executed Cristian "El Loco" Gonzalez with a left foot from outside the penalty box, the position changed to 2-1.

While the third goal created in the early second half, when Muhammad Ridwan successfully utilizing feedback from Ahmad Bustomi in the brain penalty, so the back adds a victory for the Indonesian team to 3-1.

Indonesia again enlarge his victory became 4-1 after substitute M tidwan, Ariel Suyono hard kick off with the right foot at minute 75. While created the fifth goal in injury time by Irfan Bachdim that receiving feedback from Okto, thus completing a 5-1 victory for Indonesia.

Malaysia had actually scored a goal in minute 40, but the second goal was disallowed by the referee, because the goal header from Mohamed Safee results that occurred when he had already been caught offside.

Thanks to this victory, the team coach Alfred Riedl was directly lead the standings of Group A with a value of 3, followed by Thailand and Laos who occupy positions two and three that are both collecting the value of one.

Furthermore, Indonesia will meet Laos in the second group stage match. Meanwhile, Thailand will face Malaysia at the Bung Karno on Sunday, 5 Desmber 2010.

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