Indonesia Lose, Irfan Bachdim Sudden 'Insomnia'

Monday, December 27, 2010

JAKARTA - a landslide defeat of Malaysia at Bukit Jalil Stadium is very painful, not least for the Indonesian national team striker Irfan Bachdim. The result of this bad makes it suddenly stricken with 'insomnia' alias insomnia.

"I can not sleep because of this defeat." Curhatan numbered players back 17 is written in Twitter account, approximately at 02.00 times Kuala Lumpur, on Monday (27/12/2010).

Despite feeling cramped, which revealed the player in second-half substitute Aribowo Yong is still stirring up the spirit squad to fight to the death when the second final at Bung Karno Stadium.

"We can do it in Jakarta!," Bachdim try optimistic.

Indo-Dutch players are reluctant to blame supporters cunning host that uses a laser to disrupt the concentration of Indonesian players, especially goalkeeper Mark Haris Maulana. "There is no nonsense about the laser, we have to play better than the game last night," said Bachdim.

Beyond hope, Indonesia played badly at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Garuda had to give up 3-0 in the hands of Tiger of Malaya. These results make the stairs to the title to be steep. On the second leg later, Indonesia must win at least four goals difference.

"The champion did not stop (fighting)," back Bachdim expressed confidence.

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