Indonesia's national team coach Alfred Riedl said surprised

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Indonesia's national team coach Alfred Riedl said surprised by the final score achieved by his team beat Malaysia 5-1 at the AFF Cup Group A match on Wednesday (1 / 12). Austria coach states outside the predictions of this victory.

"My guess is we win three goals but it was more. This is good because it means the children to maximize opportunities," said Riedl. But he hastens to remind that this is just the first step. Because Indonesia is still going to deal with Laos and Thailand in the next two games.

"We will immediately prepare for the next game opponent Laos after the fight. The children will rest and we will prepare everything," he said. Riedl declined to give a personal compliment. For him the victory was achieved was the result of hard work the team, not an impressive one two-player action.

Meanwhile, Malaysian coach, K Rajagopal calls himself made mistakes in substitutions. "There are players who should have been replaced but I do not do it. Indonesia is a good team," she says.

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