AFF Cup Ticket Price Increase in Foreign Supporters

Sunday, December 12, 2010

AFF Cup Ticket Price Increase in Foreign Supporters

(REUTERS / Crack Palinggi) Jakarta - semi-finals ticket prices AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 in Jakarta rose compared to the group phase match. Indonesian fans of the policy has divided reaction.

As I reported detiksport, generally fans

who do not mind the increase is to provide conditions so that the benefits can be used to improve the quality of the national team and coaching football in the country.

"Pantes, provided that the performance of the national team continues to climb," wrote Khairul Fahry. "Yes if the money for coaching the hell, not papa," said Arman Smooth.

Full support shown by fans ala Arfy Fourever. "No daddy. By tough team to play, whatever I will pay, "his determination.

"The important thing is not corrupted and the profits can be made for more maj national team again in Asia and the world," commented the other fans, Ega Tramtam.

From a contra camp, partly to assess the increase in ticket prices is a PSSI motivation to take a mere economic advantage.

"Not PSSI namanyakalau not so. If all the green money problems. It's entertainment for the people, why even raised. Pity those who come from far-away from the area. Consider the dong, PSSI, "writes Bobby Sadino.

"Indonesia has achieved maximum results, also thanks to the support of all fans. Instead of thanksgiving uh, instead naikin ticket price. It should also dimurahin dong, is getting a lot of support at the stadium, "said Deny Amelia.

"Mad ... emang already crazy PSSI. Gak can see little chance, play naikin aja. Deh forced to watch in the stands, "said Dien Khairul.

As reported earlier, PSSI and LOC Jakarta decided to raise ticket prices AFF Cup semi-final match in Jakarta, between Indonesia vs Philippines. Most expensive tickets cost Rp 500 thousand, while the cheapest Rp. 50 thousand.

Ticket category II (behind the goal), which previously sold Rp. 75 thousand, to the semifinals valued Rp.100 thousand.

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