Schedule and Prediction AFF suzuki Cup 2010 Semifinal Match

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Schedule and Prediction AFF Cup 2010 Semifinal Match

Indonesia vs Philippines (Philippines) and Vietnam vs Malaysia Cup semi-final here two parties AFF 2010 (AFF Suzuki Cup 2010). AFF Cup semi-final game wearing this 2010 home and away system. The winners in the semifinals will meet in the final later that also use the same system. Indonesia advanced to the semifinals after playing exceptional with dangle Group A, while his opponent the Philippines cruised into the semifinals after being runner-up Group B. The Vietnamese who became champion of Group A meeting with Malaysia which became Runner-up Group A.

Special to the semifinals Indonesia VS Filifpna party, the latest news says that the reason none of the stadium in the Philippines which is considered latyal by AFF to deploy an international party AFF Cup semi-final class of 2010, the Philippines declared could not hold a home game which means that the Philippine home game against Indonesia would took place at a neutral venue. So far, the news last 2 locations are among the alternatives in Singapore or Malaysia. But wherever the place, we certainly hope that the Indonesian national team players who commandeered the Word Utina Cs Philippines can overcome players in the field and cruised into the final round AFF Cup 2010.
AFF Cup Semifinal Match Schedule 2010

Leg o a Malaysia vs Vietnam -> Malaysia (Host) -> December 15, 2010
o Leg 2 VS Malaysia Vietnam -> Vietnam (Host) -> December 18, 2010

o Leg Philippines vs. Indonesia -> Philippines (Host) -> December 16, 2010
o Leg 2 Indonesia vs Philippines -> Indonesia (Host) -> December 19, 2010

I am personally very subjective predicts Malaysia will be able to cope with Vietnam in the semifinals, sedangan Indonesia will beat the Philippines. Until finally Indonesia will meet Malaysia in the AFF Cup Final 2010 and the final party of Indonesia will again massacring Malaysia. Amen ...

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