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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Fabio Capello: Inter Milan No Need I

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MILAN - Gian Piero Gasperini under pressure. His position on the edge. England coach Fabio Capello asked Interisti give time to Gasperini.

Gasperini reap a lot of criticism after failing to deliver maximum results in the three official games this season (the Italian Super Cup, Serie A, Champions League). 53-year-old coach was also mentioned will be immediately thrown out of his seat trainer.

Capello is regarded as being appropriate to continue the job if Gasperini actually fired before the competition ends. Consulted about these rumors, claiming Inter Capello does not need his services.

"Inter did not need me. Let's give time to the coach do his job, "said Capello, as quoted by Football-Italy, on Friday (09/16/2011).

Meanwhile, the candidate Scudetto Capello names four competing teams will be fighting over it. "Scudetto between Milan, Juventus, Inter and Napoli. Partenopei also done well in the Champions League, "he explained.
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Fabregas: Arsenal may not Able to Compete Champion

BARCELONA - Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas calls no longer able to compete for the title in the Premier League because they do not have the quality qualified.

Fabregas decided to leave the Emirates Stadium as ambitious won many trophies with Barcelona. Although still in love with Arsenal, but he did not see his former team will be able to compete with other big clubs to lift the championship trophy.

"I want to be in a club that is able to achieve the title every year and I do not see it at Arsenal. I still have feelings for Arsenal, but fear they can not suppress the other big teams in England, "said Fabregas.

"If you look at them this year, I doubt they can finish above Manchester United or City, or Chelsea. Difference in quality between their squad is too big, "sambunganya, as quoted by Goal, Friday (09/16/2011).

Fabregas was aware of the weakness of the Gunners are not a lot of star players such as United, Chelsea or the City. Understandably, Arsene Wenger often have financial constraints when the other coach is active on the trading floor.

"I have respect for Arsenal, they do not have the financial opportunity like no other. This is one reason to go, because I hardly see Arsenal will win the Premier League or Champions League in the future, "said 24-year midfielder.

"I hope they will replace me and other players who leave with quality players and maybe they can restore Arsenal to the actual level as champions," he concluded.
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Marcello Lippi: Juventus Stadium Now Have Decent

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Juventus, Marcello Lippi, unsure if Juventus Stadium finally be worthy of a stadium owned by the Old Lady and opened with a friendly face Notts County on Thursday (8 / 9) local time.

Juventus coach Lippi when the old stadium in the city of Turin Stadio delle Alpi is still called, which was then renovated and replaced with a new stadium that is now named Juventus Stadium.

The 63-year-old coach, who then trained former foster children to the Stadio Comunale, which is used for the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, later renamed the Stadio Olimpico.

Although Juve have repeatedly moved the headquarters, but the former coach of Italian national team believe that this new stadium is currently owned by Juve is something that takes the club to continue to grow and move forward.

"I always feel the emotion here, all the nostalgia while he was here every day," Lippi said as she watched the inaugural match between Notts County Juve cons cited Tuttosport.

"I see the stadium from the inside, and then I saw it from the outside of the stadium, which then reminds me of the Delle Alpi," he added.

"But when you see it in person, you will get the feeling that Juventus Stadium is a football stadium viable," due diligence.

In the inaugural match Serie A, Juventus will face Parma at Juventus Stadium in a match that will be held at the weekend.
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Andre Vllas-Boas: Luka Modic No Longer Attractive

Tottenham Hotspur are now able to breathe a little sigh of relief. The reason, Chelsea through their coach, Andre Vllas-Boas (AVB), claimed no longer interested in services of Luka Modric.

One cause of loss of interest in Modric AVB is the length of time it takes to take care of the transfer of Croatian midfielder. Another reason is that Chelsea have now found a replacement for midfielder Modric in their new self, Raul Meireles.

"I think I will not chase Modric again in January. Stock transfer has been closed and I do not want to speculate what will happen in January," said the former Porto architect explained his club's position on the issue of transfer of Modric, told Soccernet.

Chelsea had reportedly offered Modric himself several times in the transfer market last musimpanas. In fact, the last bid exactly 'wow' because the Blues held out a fund of 40 million pounds to get Modric. Unfortunately Chelsea effort was wasted because countered by the Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy.
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Arsenal still want a team player montolivo

Arsenal have not stopped in bringing new signing to London. They are reportedly planning to recruit Fiorentina midfielder Riccardo Montolivo, in the winter transfer window.

Actually, the Italian has become a target for the Gunners since the transfer window last summer. Montolivo became one of the players are enthused manager Arsene Wenger to replace Cesc Fabregas who was forced off to Barcelona.

Football Mirror reported that Wenger is ready to hunt again 26-year-old footballer was. He ordered his staff to monitor Montolivo game when Italy face Slovenia some time ago. London cannon will also monitor the progress of the players for La Viola in uniform this season.

The page is also believed that Montolivo will leave the Artemio Franchi after his contract ended this season. However, Fiorentina's hopes flagship player willing to sign a contract extension.

Montolivo joined to Florence club in 2005 after two seasons to defend Atalanta. Luring game with Gli Azzurri at the 2010 World Cup has made man born in Caravaggio's interest two big clubs like AC Milan and Inter Milan.
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Alvaro Negredo: Fernando Torres is still leader of the Spanish

Alvaro Negredo has denied the news that Fernando Torres said the position in the Spanish national team in a dangerous situation. According to him, the former Liverpool striker was one of the leaders of La Furia Roja.

Fernando Torres saw his national team won 6-0 over Liechtenstein in Euro 2012 qualifier on Tuesday (6 / 9), from the stands because of Vicente Del Bosque gives the opportunity for David Villa and Negredo in front, with Pedro and Fernando Llorente as a choice on the bench.

Striker with a value of 50 million pounds were removed from Del Bosque plan of attack last night, and teammate, Negredo, expressed sympathy for the frustration experienced by El Nino.

"He visited us in the locker room after the final whistle and congratulating me because my goal is to create. I do not want to talk if he was angry or not. However, an outstanding attitude to come and give us survived," said Negredo in the U.S. .

"I am very familiar with the disappointment. I never fun to go with the national team without playing a single minute. He was a great teammate and still is one of the leaders of this team," he continued.

In the 6-0 victory over Liechtenstein, Negredo opened the scoring with a two goal at minute 33 and 37. Spain Xavi completed a 3-0 victory before halftime. Spain scored three second-half was created by Sergio Ramos and David Villa, who scored twice.

With two matches to spare, Spain, who have collected 18 points from six matches, and eight points ahead of Rep.. Ceska in the second position, ensuring himself a place in Poland and Ukraine next year.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Over the years, Alessandro Rosa Vieira has been regarded as the best in the world as the world futsal players.
The man with a brilliant left foot, dubbed "Falcao", aiming to win the only trophy still missing from the collection, FIFA Futsal World Cup, in his homeland Brazil.
FIFA Centennial World Player Gala chat took place at the Opera House Zurich on December 20, 2004 saw Ronaldinho enliven the FIFA World Player of the Year and awards given to superstars such as Thierry Henry and Andriy Shevchenko.
But only one player who draw spontaneous applause from the audience.
There is a breath of wonder and the words "unbelievable", "fantastic" and "phenomenal" could be heard as the video highlights from the world's leading futsal flashes.
Praise and applause was for Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known in the futsal world simply as "Falcao".
Four years ago, he was recognized as the best futsal player on the planet.
More than two million people now play futsal held across the world.
The appeal of unlimited futsal, and Falcao futsal is a tremendous ambassador for interesting people to want to play futsal.
Those who view him play immediately fell in love with the game of futsal.
It seems there are no tricks or tricks that the Brazilian star left leg.

"Falcao is my idol," said Ronaldinho, sounding like a star-attacking a teenager, ► and Robinho, another Brazilian football star, called him "professor"
Born in the metropolitan cities in Sao Paulo Brazil, Falcao playing in the street in front of her parents' house when he was young.
He likes something that confuses opponents, dribbling, shooting and showing off with a scissors-kick and an overhead kick, even on asphalt surfaces.
"Football is too boring for me."
"It took too long to get a touch of the ball in football. "
Falcao feel comfortable in a small field - it is where he is, where he is king and can dance with the ball.
"But I can dance with the ball, it happens automatically,"
he said, laughing.
"I have been blessed with many talents," he admits.
However, he will never get the throne because of hard training, he played indoor soccer every day.
He has been a professional player for half his life, and indeed is the player with the highest salaries in the world.
"I've found fame and fortune," said Falcao.
According to reports, he was paid monthly approximately $ 25,000 by the club Malwee / Jaragua.
Another source of income is "Falcao Sports", the company he founded.
Consisting futsal school, his own clothing brand and website www.falcaol2. com. com.
Falcao also stars in several ads, including one with close friends Tlobinho.
When Falcao interesting Malwee / Jaragua he wore a shirt with number 12 on his back, every seat audience hall of the population must be taken in Jaragua, a city with a population of 130,000 in the state of Santa Catatina.
On average 15,000 fans attending the game, 1,000 people more than people who watch the local football team, and Falcao is a much debated anymore.
The fans, many t-shirts and hats adorned with the number 12, creaks and cheered every time he touched the ball.
A sports hall is now even named after the playmaker.
Thanks Falcao, nearly all 180 million people in Brazil now know where Malwee / Jaragua and where Sol Jaragua is located.
Falcao made his debut for the Selecao, the Brazilian national team at the age of 17 years, and he has won dozens of titles and trophies with various clubs.
not enough space for the achievement Falcao.
But he never felt to be world champion.
but that has changed in October.
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2008 in his homeland finally grabbed. "I want to win this title, that's my biggest goal and my biggest dream," said Falcao.
He and his team always get rid of by the Spanish in the past, both in the final in Guatemala in 2000 and on penalties in the semi-final of Chinese Taipei in 2004.
"It was a bitter defeat and prolonged pain," said Falcao.
This is not the only setback in the otherwise glorious career.
He finally tried several times to establish himself in football world (not indoor soccer), but did not get past the trials in Santos, a team that has diidolakanya since childhood, or Palmeiras Portuguesa.
Sao Paulo gave him a six month contract in 2005, but the coach at that time, Brazil's former international goalkeeper Emerson Leao, just use Falcao within six games of 21, so bring it back to the futsal.
Overall, he has scored nearly 250 goals for the national team and he plans to add that the acquisition during the FIFA Futsal World Cup, where it will form part of a highly talented team of extraordinary featuring players such as goalkeeper Franklin, Lenisio, Schumacher, Neto and Vinicius.
After all, Falcao is now 31 years old, he approached the end of his career.
he was very pleased that at least one of his two sons seemed set to follow in his footsteps.
Enzo (6 yrs) has had an amazing ball skills, and Falcao looks proud of her: "She is a real phenomenon," he said, just like his father.

Let Lionel Messi Happy Field

DHAKA - Alejandro Sabella Argentina coach asks fans to be patient waiting for Albiceleste goals from Lionel Messi.

Sabella did not deny the fact that Messi is one of the best talents who have in the squad. Unfortunately, in the middle kebintangannya with Barcelona, Messi often sluggish with the national team.

Messi was again showing his best when Argentina's 1-0 win over Venezuela in a friendly match in India last week. But, graduated from La Masia is again barren.

Argentine public was getting impatient waiting for a goal from striker petite, especially Messi is currently serving captain. However, Sabella continue to provide full support and optimistic Ballon d'Or winner will continue to show the best performance.

"We have to let him happy. We have to let it play freely in the field, "Sabella said in a press conference ahead of the friendly match against Nigeria.

"I was waiting for him to score. We must give him peace. He is the world's best players, "continued the coach of 56 years, as reported by Goal
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Happy Platini Welcomes Attendance 'Juventus Arena'

Turin - Not only Juventus and supporters who welcomed the presence of a new stadium, but also Michel Platini. UEFA President welcomed the presence of this 'Juventus Arena' which thinks beautiful and important for the team.

Understandably when Michel Platini joined welcomed the new Juventus stadium attendance because he is a legend in the Turin giants. According to him, it's important for his former club having a new facility like the one today.

"Thanks to the new stadium, the new rotation will begin at Juventus," said Platini as disitat of Tribalfootball, Tuesday (06/09/2011).

"It's important to build a new facility for Juventus, this wonderful and necessary things to be owned by all teams. Are Juventus are ready to be in the new rotation? I think you can, "he added,

The man who is now 56-year-old has won two Scudetti with Juventus (1984 and 1986). France playmaker was featured in 147 matches and scored 68 goals over five seasons to defend the Bianconeri, and drew twice Ballon d'Or in 1983 and 1985.
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Brazil Only 10 Players Win Thin Against Ghana

LONDON - The Brazilian national team still has not been able to demonstrate its quality as the most successful team in the world. Evidently, the squad was only able to Mano Menezes 1-0 win over Ghana who played with 10 players.

Brazil face Ghana in the test match at Craven Cottage, London, on Tuesday (09/06/2011) early morning hrs. Though only a show, test match, but coach Menezes reluctant to mess around and immediately lowered his best squad.

On the front lines, Neymar become the main choice with new players back into the national team, Ronaldinho. Paulo Henrique Ganso plotted to support the two strikers from the second line. While in the back, veteran defender Lucio is still a mainstay, along with teammate at Inter, Julio Cesar under the crossbar.

With the composition of a much better player, Brazil appeared dominant over Ghana. However, despite dominating the game, Samba Team can not be easily breaking goal the Black Stars squad that gives fierce.

After half an hour engaged in violent battles and since Eras, Ghana must accept the reality of playing with 10 players in the 38th minute, after Daniel Opare receiving a second yellow card after stamping on Lucio. Previously, the first yellow card received Opare due to launch late Neymar Dachshund.

Superior number of players, the Brazilian controlled the game more freely. Finally, the long-awaited goal was created at the end of the first half. Leandro Damião, who plays for Internacional striker managed to break the deadlock after maximizing bait Fernandinho. Brazil 1-0 to survive until the interval.

In the second interval, Brazil opened up opportunities that go through the Hulk in the second-half substitute Fernandinho. FC Porto striker was combing the left side of the Ghana defense and release the bait, but unfortunately failed to convert them into goals Damião, because its execution has not met the target.

Ghana increasingly depressed during the second half, following a cooperation slick Hulk and Dani Alves is successful through the heart of the defense of Ghana. However, wing-back execution of Barcelona is only passed on the Ghana goalkeeper who escorted Kwarasey Adam Larsen.

Not satisfied with winning just one goal, Menezes Damião pull out and insert the AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato for a duet with Neymar. Pato was the entry of proven success make Brazil more varied attack.

A few moments ahead of the end of the game, Pato and Ronaldinho had a golden opportunity to increase the benefits of Brazil. Unfortunately their efforts failed to bear fruit. Ronaldinho free kick two Kwarasey able countered, as well as capable of Pato's header brushed hardware.

As a result, until the game ended 1-0 to Brazil have not changed. Despite the win, but this result does not seem enough to make the public especially Brazil Menezes satisfied. The reason, they want to see their favorite team soon discover the best games, before they hosted the World Cup 2014.
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Impatient Walcott Arsenal Meet New Players

Sunday, September 4, 2011

LONDON - Arsenal striker Theo Walcott claimed the movement was both shocked and delighted with the Gunners before the summer transfer window closed.

Five new recruits players acquired in the last minute transfer deadline, it makes Walcott believes Arsenal's condition will change soon after the arrival of new players.

"As long as I'm here, I've never seen Arsenal do things like this (transfer)," Walcott said as reported by ESPN on Monday (05/09/2011).

Walcott will soon be training with Mikel Arteta, Yossi Benayoun, Andre Santos, Park Chu-young and Per Mertesacker who trafficked with Tim Gunner spent approximately 40 million pounds.

"Many who leave their teams until the last minute transfer deadline, it is very interesting to see it. We managed to get some great players and I can not wait to meet them, "said the England international is.

"New face tends to bring a new spirit for all people. We must all raise our spirit and hope our new players will do their jobs well, "he said.

Walcott also praised Arteta which he said would greatly help the Gunners achievement and replace the role of the left CECS Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

"They all have experience. Arteta is a fantastic player. He was able to give good passes and I can not wait to play with him, "he said.

With the new Arsenal collected one point from three matches in the Premier League as well as the absence of eight players through injury and being punished, Walcott remains optimistic his team were able to struggle to restore their position at the top of the Premier League, especially after the humiliating 8-2 defeat of Manchester United.

"I do not worry about the future of Arsenal. It's tough to recover mentally from the result (against United) and it was painful for us, "he said.

"However, a large club Arsenal. We do not want to fall into a situation like this, I would not say give up, we will do our best, "
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This is the reason for Australian Players to Play in Indonesia ( Glory Aleks Vrteski)

SOLO - The opportunity to play with more fans of football, better pay, and flight distances are not too far from his homeland are among the reasons former Perth Glory goalkeeper Aleks Vrteski enjoy a life of football in Indonesia.

He's not the only Australian players who enjoy toil Indonesia to improve the quality of the football competition as the most popular sport in this country of 250 million souls.

Glory Vrteski who left in December last year, has flown back to Indonesia yesterday (09/04/2011) along with seven other Kangaroos players from the State, including former Glory midfielder, David Micevski and Andrija Jukic and former youth team captain Steve Hesketh Glory.

Robbie Gaspar who was a pioneer for Australian players who play in competitions Indonesia recently appointed as the players union executive committee of Indonesia had already been in Indonesia.

"Robbie has been there for a while and he knows how it all works, so he's very helpful for us," said Vrteski as reported by The West Australian, Monday (05/09/2011).

Vrteski, who played in Solo FC and called when the all-star match between local players against foreign legion, said the atmosphere in Indonesia and the desire to become a better club is a thing that makes it still wants to play in Indonesia.

PSSI's decision regarding who to include more participants in the main competition Liga Indonesia, his positive view of this fact.

"I think the league will continue to get better because it is involved in the competition is a huge amount, and it is important in the game," said Vrteski.

The Australian players who play in competitions Indonesia is expected to get paid 50 thousand - 150 thousand U.S. dollars or 426 million to 1.3 billion dollars per season.
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Fabio Capello: Players Barton Dangerous

Saturday, September 3, 2011

LONDON - Joey Barton may be claimed as the best midfielder in the mainland UK. But Fabio Capello has promised not to ever put Barton to England.

Barton discipline factor which recently became the center of media attention is called Capello as the main problem. For Capello, the player who shows attitude disciplinary often not feasible to defend the Three Lions.

"I think Barton is a great player, but he's dangerous because sometimes on the pitch you can play 10 vs. 11, since he may be expelled by the referee," said Capello, quoted Goal Sunday (07/08/2011).

As is known, Barton now entangled problems with his club, Newcastle United. Barton often criticized sharply to Newcastle via his twitter account.

Problem 28-year contract with Newcastle players were floating after Barton admitted free transfer status now.

"When a player is not on good terms with the club, very normal she is outside. Relationships are very important player and his club, "said Italian coach.

England will melakoni friendship cons Dutch at Wembley on Wednesday (08/10/2011), then meet Bulgaria and Wales in a Euro 2012 qualifier, September.
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Donate Two Goals, Iniesta Fabregas praised

Gallen - Euro 2008 champions and 2010 World Cup, Spain was almost embarrassed when I met swallowing Chile in a friendly, early this morning. Coming from behind two goals, La Furia Roja squad managed to reverse the situation through dwigol Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta thin to win 3-2.

In a match that took place at the Stade de Geneve, Switzerland, Saturday (09/03/2011) early this morning local time, Spain had made ketar-ketir after Mauricio Isla and Eduardo Vargas breaking goalkeeper Iker Casillas to bring Chile 2-0 in first round .

However, Spain managed to show mental champion in the second interval. Iniesta and Fabregas new entrants in the second half featured as the main actor behind the resurrection of Matador Squad. 10 minutes into the second half, Iniesta successfully mempertipis dropping to 1-2 through a hard kick from outside the penalty box.

Next, turn to Fabregas who took the role as hero. In 71 minutes, midfielder Tuesday it managed to maximize bait Barcelona team-mate at Barca, Iniesta to change the position to be as strong 2-2. Former Arsenal icon eventually became the winner in injury time.

Awarded a penalty, Fabregas who ran as the executor had failed to carry out the task successfully blocked the kick when Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. Luckily, throw the ball back towards him so easily Fabregas struck the round leather, sekalgus save Spain and won 3-2.

After the match, Fabregas proudly claim to be able to save his team from defeat. However, 24 year old midfielder gave special credit to Iniesta who thinks a major figure who changed the performance of Spain.

"Iniesta is a man who changed the game. He played unbelievable, scored the first goal and provided assists for the second goal that I print. I just gave a little touch to score goals, "said Fabregas Goal quoted on Saturday (03/09/2011).

This victory practically doubled to give an injection of motivation for the fleet of Vicente Del Bosque who will face Liechtenstein in Euro 2012 qualifying match on Wednesday (07/09/2011) early morning hrs. For now, Spain is still strong at the top of Group I with a perfect achievement (15 points) in five games.
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Arsenal News: Bendtner lent to Sunderland

Thursday, September 1, 2011

London - Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner will spend the season at Sunderland on loan. At the close, the Gunners also released three other players.

Bendtner on loan to Sunderland after players from Denmark did not have a place at Arsenal. In The Black Cats, he was projected as a partener Asamoah Gyan in the front lines.

Bendtner will be reunited with manager Steve Bruce at the Stadium of Light. Both men had worked together at Birmingham City.

"I am honored to work with Nicklas never before. I met him at the age of 18 years and he helped Birmingham campaign," said Bruce on the official club website.

In addition to lending Bendtner, Arsenal also took off Joel Campbell and Gilles Sunu to the French club, Lorient. Campbell on loan for one season, while Sunu sold.

Henri Lansbury also will not settle at the Emirates Stadium this season. The 20-year midfielder on loan to West Ham United.
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Arsenal News "Rosicky: Optimistic Arsenal Rise"

Arsenal made ​​a bad start in the Premier League this season. However, Tomas Rosicky is confident his side can rise up and turn things around.

In the three parties earlier this season, the Gunners have not even won. They are a draw and two defeats.

Unfortunately, one of the North London club's defeat was obtained from their rivals, Manchester United. Unmitigated, MU destroy them with a landslide score 8-2.

These conditions do not make Rosicky broke. According to him, the season has just begun and all the possibilities it can still happen.

"We're still early in the season and still have enough time to turn things around," said Rosicky told quoted by Sky Sports.

"Until now we always have a good start and poor finish. Maybe that will change and we will have a successful season," added midfielder Czech Republic.

"We have to forget about it and respond in the next game," he added.

Rosicky admits that his team defeat at Old Trafford was very surprised.

"I think I've experienced everything in football, but I was wrong. It was the worst shot I've ever experienced in football," he admits.

"Maybe there is no point in commenting on the game after the game. The best thing you can do is to forget and start over," he added.
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Coming to Iran vs Indonesia - Bambang ultimate (bepe): 'Red and White' Come Not to Lose

Tehran - Bambang Pamungkas acknowledge that Iran is a strong team. But, captain of Indonesia confirmed that he and his colleagues did not come to defeat.

Indonesia will undergo a third qualifying round of the inaugural match of World Cup Asian zone 2014 on Friday (02/09/2011). Garuda team will be treated to Iran in Azadi Stadium, Tehran.

"Iran is a strong team, but we did not come here to lose. We came to get points," Bambang said in a release received detiksport.

"We'll see in 90 minutes of the match. The team will win. Obviously we will try to get the best results," said the striker who was familiarly called this bepe.

Bepe acknowledges that the situation of Iranian football is better than Indonesia. However, he still hoped Indonesia could someday equal the level of the Middle Eastern country.

"It's hard to compare Iran with us. Iran has a stable league, while we were in transition to create a new league with the stewardship of a new federation to get to the football better," said Persija this player.

"In 1938 we had competed in the World Cup. There will be a time again where later the results of this transitional period that will take us into one of Asia's strong team," he said.
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Official Arsenal striker Contract south Korea

sorry, too busy with school activities site is so rarely updated

LONDON - Arsenal has been confirmed to bring South Korean international striker Park Chu-Young from French league club, Monaco.

26-year-old players were once rumored to be sold to Lille this summer, but Arsenal overtake them in the hunt for that transfer.

Chu-Young himself has now agreed a deal privately with the club and completed medical tests.

"We are delighted to have brought Chu, He will add to the quality of our team in attack and will be a valuable addition to our squad," said Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger as reported by the Football Buster, on Wednesday (31/08/2011).

Chu-Young himself admitted proud to join the Arsenal squad and hopes he can help his team to his new banayak get a lot of titles.

"I am very honored and I feel very happy at Arsenal. This is a dream to be here and I'm really proud to be an Arsenal player, now I just want to show how good my abilities and I want to prove myself "he said.

"I think this is a big club, now I have to show what I can do on the field. I will do my best, I will never give up," he said.

Players born Hanggul promised to look my best by saying, "I will give everything and I hope the fans will support me."
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