Futsal Training Methods

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Futsal Training Methods

Most of the instructors at the academy and the football club worked hard for years to apply various methods, but often fail to produce reliable and talented footballer. There are three factors that made coaches and teachers so that hinder the player into a potential footballer. Among them:

1. They only focus on teaching specific skillfisik and without notice the character and mental condition of players.
2. They conducted tests program in hopes of improving the skill players.
3. They use the big field as an arena for training young players.

If a player wants to create a future with mental champion, needs to be done by the method futsal training, mental and character development, and cognitive exercises.

Developing mental fitness as well as watching the players and characters are important to finalize their skills. As disclosed Johan Cruyff that football is a games or rely on intelligence. Then, cognitive exercises so that players actually apply their knowledge to unify all physical, mental, and emotion to overcome all difficulties in the face of a match. And this can be overcome with practice futsal.

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