Nani: Just Between Competition MU-Chelsea

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nani: Just Between Competition MU-Chelsea

Manchester - By the end of the year, four teams still elbow each other at the top of the Premiership standings. Even so, Manchester United midfielder Nani assume that only his club and Chelsea are likely to champion.

MU for a while still be leading by 34 points from 16 matches. But the 'Red Devils' only three points ahead of Chelsea who inhabit the fourth.

Among them there are Arsenal and Manchester City both have 32 points despite playing the Gunners 17 times, one fewer than he played The Citizens.

Competition is still a long way from finished, but in the eyes of Nani, Arsenal and City can be removed from the competition and even Chelsea are currently in fourth place potentially rival Manchester United.

"I do not see any other team a chance to win the Premier League other than Manchester United or Chelsea. Hopefully, MU was the one who wins," said Nani told SkySports.

Besides being at the top, Manchester United also has a remarkable record of never losing this season. While Chelsea was speeding at the beginning of the season suddenly faltered.

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