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Monday, December 27, 2010

Futsals.BlogSpot.Com Munich - Bastian Schweinsteiger to a special award at the end of 2010. For his contribution for Bayern Munich and German national team, he was selected as the best footballer in the country.

Kickers Sports is a magazine which put Germany's Schweinsteiger as the best player of 2010. Elections belong to the 26-year midfielder Bayern Munich is considered appropriate considering its vital role in the club and national team level.

Schweini, so he akran called, gave FC Hollywood Bundesliga title last season. He's solid performance continued in South Africa in 2010 with Der Panzer, although he could only take the German stepped into the semifinals. Thus quoted by AFP.

Already 223 Bundesliga matches dilakoni Schweinsteiger since settled at the Allianz Arena in 1998 ago. In the past she participated giving five league titles and five German Cup title.

In this season he has scored six goals and made five assists. While in the 2010 World Cup and he is one player who entered the All Star Team, along with Wesley Sneijder, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandes in midfield.

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