Ferguson: It's hard to Invincible

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ferguson: It's hard to Invincible

Manchester - Fifteen games without defeat is a record of Manchester United in the Premier League so far. But the boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, have a reason why there is no guarantee that record will continue to survive.

Not because the opponent would

they face Arsenal next is, one of them in the hunt for title rivals this season. But increasingly tight Premier League who became the focus of the Scottish manager.

Manchester United may be unbeaten. However, records show that they too had lost a lot of points with seven draws.

"Things like that will not happen again. The last time Arsenal did it, they swallow 12 results draw. That is a very good achievement. "

"In a league like this, you can not think for a minute you will be invincible. It's an amazing league this season, "he said on the club's official website.

"We continue to see the points that we have wasted and I'm sure, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham will also say the same thing," she added.

Fergie's right, if you see a row of record top teams this season. Who would have thought Chelsea who opened the season with two consecutive 6-0 victory now have four games without ever winning.

Or see Tottenham Hotspur are now in the position of five of the league, but Arsenal can beat that now exist in the first position.

Another example? Yes, MU own. The Red Devils draw repeatedly detained by the teams on paper (should) be subjected them: Fulham, Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion....

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