Malaysia Vs Vietnam ( malaysia win 2-0 )

Friday, December 17, 2010

malaysia beat vietnam 2-0

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia pluck a 2-0 win over Vietnam in the first fight AFF Cup semi-finals. Two host the winning goal coming from Mohd Safee.

In a match that was held at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday (15/12/2010) night local time, two goals coming in the second round Safee. Created the first goal at minute 60 and created the second goal 10 minutes before the match completely.

A score of 2-0 is so good provision Malaysia to undergo second game at home to Vietnam on Saturday (12/18/2010) future. A draw or defeat with a goal difference sufficient to drive squad K. Rajagopal entered into the final.

Road game

Match held at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday (12/15/2010) takes place with a fast tempo at the beginning of the fight. Vietnam a more attacking initiative had the first chance to score when kicking Vu Phong Nguyen from inside the penalty box with ease in damping goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi.

In eight minutes, with individual action Kunanlan Subramaniam successfully stabbed into the penalty box and release the bait Vietnam toward Safiq Rahim Bin. Number eight players kicking it back because right endless goal lead into the goalie.

Malaysia re-creation opportunities through Mohd Safee, although the direction is still off the mark at the right goalpost Vietnam. Pressure continues as host of a corner kick scenario produces heat in the face of goal. There was no goal because the ball swept-back trigger Vietnam.

Vietnam tries to finish the first round in a superior position when Luong Pham Thanh kick from outside the penalty box is still too weak and easily tamed Malaysian goalkeeper. Vietnam last chance to make goals come from free kicks Nguyen Vu Phong, when the ball strikes the player to live through the wall of Malaysia and had great difficulty by goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi.

At the beginning of the second round of direct Vietnamese press, just two minutes walk Vu Phong Nguyen action mngklaim penalty after he was dropped in the box forbidden. Two minutes later kick off its efforts from outside the penalty box along the ground away from the target area.

Malaysia Supporters had shouted with joy when Mohd Safee gore with a perfect ball cross from the left side. Although the goal nets thrilling Vietnam, the skin round was just targeting the outer goalposts.

In Vietnam's goal 60 minutes following a blunder that eventually vibrate made goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong. Starting from a free kick from the middle of the field, the ball soared headlong by Safee. The skin round would seem easy to catch, but not perfect Bui Tan Truong stop the ball into the net after his hand had touched.

Vietnam directly react with these goals while Tran Dinh Dong long-range kick off a defender hit the foot of Malaysia and can be secured with a good goalkeeper Khairul.

Ten minutes before the match finished Malaysia successfully to double the advantage, again through Safee. Goals stems from long-distance kick by goalkeeper Safiq that Vietnam, Safee be throwing the ball struck the second goal.

Vietnam has the opportunity to reduce the lag in the 86th minute when Nguyen Hoang Huy header in front of goalkeeper is still too weak and leads right into the target, although he stood to escort tight from opposing players.

Up to four minutes of extra time given the referee, no additional goals created. Scores eventually fight to survive in figure 2-0.

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