AFF Cup - assistant coach Wolfgang Pikal. Itching Powder Denies Terror

Monday, December 27, 2010

Jakarta - Nurdin Halid said that the Indonesian squad was also plagued with itching powder in training ahead of the AFF Cup finals first. The statement was rebutted assistant coach Wolfgang Pikal.

In a statement to journalists after watching a team practice on Monday (27/12/2010) night local time, Nurdin Halid reveal disturbances obtained in the tour squad Indonesia to Malaysia.

In addition to the laser beam is fired at the audience when the game is running, the chairman of the PSSI was also mentioned that the Word Utina cs had deliberately made long enough to wait for the bus when going to practice. Other things, accused the Malaysian Nurdin had sprinkled itching powder on the face of goal that made Indonesia goalkeeper suffered itching.

"Once we arrived at the gym, in front of goalkeeper powder was sprinkled something that makes us itch goalkeeper. But I do not know what it is. (Coach) Widodo and doctors say, it creates dust allergies, especially until the swelling in Mark , "Nurdin said a few hours ago.

But the statement is corrected Nurdin precisely by assistant coach Wolfgang Pikal. The right hand was Alfred Riedl said that the cause itching goalkeeper is fertilizer, aka manure.

While in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia gets a small squad training at the National Sports Majlis, where there are two types of field there that is artificial and natural grass. Coach then put all the goalie using the original field.

If then goalkeepers Indonesia experience itching because of fertilizer, was allegedly due to the field in wet conditions since some time before the rain fell. Appears if the fertilizers that come out of suspicion because of stagnant water and then stuck to the skin and cause itching and players allergies.

"It is what makes Mark and two other goalie got allergies. But that is not itchy powder (powder itching), but only fertilizer. But we do not know it was intentional or not," explained Pikal who met reporters after team practice session in Field C, Senayan, Jakarta.

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