Riedl: Pursue Deficit? Difficult, But Opportunities Still There

Monday, December 27, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR - Indonesian national team claimed a big win by a margin of four goals to be able to embrace the AFF Suzuki Cup championship for the first time. Architect Alfred Riedl Garuda squad were aware of the mission carried difficult foster children.

Dwigol Safee Sali and substitute Mohd Ashari has indeed tarnished the Indonesian fantastic record that has not been touched since the group stage defeat. Worse yet, this defeat experienced team at a crucial moment, the final fight.

Riedl himself quite aware of their impact must bear and foster children over this defeat. Austrian architect is not required to cover her anxiety while scoring four goals to be able to reverse the situation.

As a coach, Riedl choose to be wise and keep motivating foster children that they could reverse the situation. There are still 90 minutes left in which the Word of Utina et al would appear to aid players in their 12th Bung Karno Main Stadium on Wednesday (19/12/2010).

"Indeed, the pursuit of four-goal deficit is not easy work. But, to be able to chase the score 3-0 in normal time, we still can try, "I Riedl while attending a press conference after the game session.

"However, there is still one game remaining, and we must dare to take any risks that exist to pursue the deficit," he said while hoping his team can repeat the success in the group stage when bending Malaysia 1-5.

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