Happy Platini Welcomes Attendance 'Juventus Arena'

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turin - Not only Juventus and supporters who welcomed the presence of a new stadium, but also Michel Platini. UEFA President welcomed the presence of this 'Juventus Arena' which thinks beautiful and important for the team.

Understandably when Michel Platini joined welcomed the new Juventus stadium attendance because he is a legend in the Turin giants. According to him, it's important for his former club having a new facility like the one today.

"Thanks to the new stadium, the new rotation will begin at Juventus," said Platini as disitat of Tribalfootball, Tuesday (06/09/2011).

"It's important to build a new facility for Juventus, this wonderful and necessary things to be owned by all teams. Are Juventus are ready to be in the new rotation? I think you can, "he added,

The man who is now 56-year-old has won two Scudetti with Juventus (1984 and 1986). France playmaker was featured in 147 matches and scored 68 goals over five seasons to defend the Bianconeri, and drew twice Ballon d'Or in 1983 and 1985.

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