Fabregas: Arsenal may not Able to Compete Champion

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BARCELONA - Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas calls no longer able to compete for the title in the Premier League because they do not have the quality qualified.

Fabregas decided to leave the Emirates Stadium as ambitious won many trophies with Barcelona. Although still in love with Arsenal, but he did not see his former team will be able to compete with other big clubs to lift the championship trophy.

"I want to be in a club that is able to achieve the title every year and I do not see it at Arsenal. I still have feelings for Arsenal, but fear they can not suppress the other big teams in England, "said Fabregas.

"If you look at them this year, I doubt they can finish above Manchester United or City, or Chelsea. Difference in quality between their squad is too big, "sambunganya, as quoted by Goal, Friday (09/16/2011).

Fabregas was aware of the weakness of the Gunners are not a lot of star players such as United, Chelsea or the City. Understandably, Arsene Wenger often have financial constraints when the other coach is active on the trading floor.

"I have respect for Arsenal, they do not have the financial opportunity like no other. This is one reason to go, because I hardly see Arsenal will win the Premier League or Champions League in the future, "said 24-year midfielder.

"I hope they will replace me and other players who leave with quality players and maybe they can restore Arsenal to the actual level as champions," he concluded.

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