Origin History of Futsal

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Origin History of Futsal

Futsal is an abbreviation of football (soccer) and sala (room) from the Spanish or Futebol (Portugal / Brazil) and salons (France). Sport is formed a player to always be ready to receive and feed the ball quickly in the pressure of opposing players. With the size of a relatively narrow field, this game demands a high ball mastery of technique, teamwork, and cooperation antarpemain.

Originally futsal originally appeared in the era of the 1930s in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was introduced by a football coach named Juan Carlos Ceriani. Initially, who just want to move the practice into the room because of disappointment over the field conditions in guyur slippery after rain. Apparently, the exercises in this room are very effective and he then sparked a football game room with a five-versus-five player.

Assuming to improve skills in soccer, futsal growing rapidly in Brazil and continues to spread throughout the world. Even penetrate into mainland Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

International futsal competition in the title the first time in years 1965.Dan surprises occur when Paraguay went on to become Cup champion United States, subsequent to 1979, Brazil dominated and won six consecutive championship trophy to the Pan American Cup for the first time in 1980 and 1984 .

Futsal world championship was first initiated by the United States Futsal Federation (FIFUSA) in 1982 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Brazil hosted the event featured as juara.Dan triennial is also in the title in Europe, namely in Spain in 1985. Back Brazil became champions, but dikandaskan Paraguay at the next event in Australia in 1988.

Step into FIFA

Futsal competition increasingly organized and evenly distributed throughout the world. In 1989, FIFA futsal formally recognized as part of a football branch. FIFA took over direct operation of futsal world championship. Two editions of the FIFA Futsal World Cup that was held three annual performing well in the Netherlands in 1989 and Hong Kong in 1992, and Brazil emerge as champions.

With consideration of time, FIFA futsal event this change to four years. And Spain is believed to be the host in 1996, and the champion trophy disabet back by Brazil. However, Spain displacing the dominance of Brazil to win it twice in a row in Guatemala (2000) and Taiwan (2004).

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