Kick off in futsal game

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kick off

Kick off is a way to start the match. This is done early in the first half and second, both in normal time and extra time, and after creating goals. Goals can be printed directly from the KIC off.

procedures on Kick Off

- All the players of each team are in an area half the field itself. Teams that do not do the kick-off must be within 3 m from the ball.
- The ball is placed at the midpoint of the field.
- At the time of starting the game did kick off properly, the ball is kicked and moves toward the front.
- Kicker may not touch the ball a second time until another player touching the ball menyentuh/di-.
- If the kicker touches the ball a second time before it moved / touched another player, an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team from where the error occurred.
- If the violation was committed by a player in the opponent's penalty area, made an indirect free kick from the penalty area line from the nearest place where the violation occurred.
- For each violation kick off, then kick off should be repeated.

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