Futsal game rules

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Futsal Game Rules

Futsal game rules differ from rules football in big field
or grass. Starting from the field and ball size, number of players,
up to game the system. Here is the explanation which refers to the rules of futsal
FIFA regulations.


Futsal game field must be a square. Limiting field line side must be longer Than the goal line.
Length: 25 - 42 m
Width: 15 - 25 m
Size international standards:
Length: 38-42
Width: 18-25

Field Signs

- Field-line games should be restricted. Line on both sides of disebuttouch longest line, and the short side is called the goal line or goal line.

- All lines have a width of 8 cm. Field will be split into two with the dividing line.

- The central point is marked at half-field line. A circle was made at the midpoint with a diameter of 3 m.

Penalty Area

Penalty area marked on each end of the field as follows.
- A quarter of a circle with a diameter of 6 m withdrawn as a center outside of each for each goalpost.

- A quarter of a circle made a line at right angles to the goal line outside the goalposts. The top of each quarter circle is connected by a line along the 3.16 m-shaped parallel to the goal line between the two poles tersebut.Titik Penalty Point penalty described with a radius of 6 m from the midpoint between the goalposts with the same distance.

Second Penalty Spot

The second spot is described with a radius of 10 m from the midpoint between the goalposts with the same distance.

Corner kicks

Corner a quarter circle drawn with a radius of 25 cm drawn from every corner of the edge of the goal.

Substitution Zone Players

- Zone substitutions underlined reserve is an area to the edge of the field in front of the seat that the team used players to enter and exit the field or substitutions.

- Area substitutions must be in front seat teams with a length of 5 m. Substitution area is located in front of the bench seat with a length of 5 m.

- This area is marked on each side with a line intersecting the side lines, with line width of 8 cm and length 80 cm, 40 cm of which is described in the field and 40 cm off the field.

- There is also a free area is 5 m from the center line and side line. This area is located in front of the timekeeper and must be empty and free view.


Goal must be placed in the middle of each gatis goal. Wicket consists of two goalposts are the same from each corner and connected with the pole top by a horizontal crossbar (cross bar).
The distance between the goalposts goal is 3 m, while the distance from ground to the crossbar is 2 m.

Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width, ie 80 cm at the top and 1 m at the bottom. Can be made from nylon netting tied to the goalposts and the crossbar on the back that is linked to the pantek or heavy objects.


Hurdles can be moved, but must be mounted securely during the game.

Field Surface

Field surface should be smooth, flat, and not rude. Suggested use of wood or floor parakeet, or other artificial materials. Need to avoid use of materials from concrete or block Kron.


The ball must be round and made of leather or similar material, 62-64 cm in diameter with a weight of 400-440 grams and 0.4 to 0.6 atmospheric pressure (400-600 grams / cm).

If the ball is damaged or broken kondosi, pertandinagan to be stopped temporarily. The game can be started by dropping the ball in place of balls that were previously damaged.

If the ball is damaged or broken when not in the game when the kick off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick or kick into, the game must be continued in accordance regulations. And, the ball can not be replaced during the game without prior permission from the referee.

Number of Players

Futsal players every game played by two teams, each team consisting of five players, including a backup goalie and with seven players.

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