Marcello Lippi: Juventus Stadium Now Have Decent

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Juventus, Marcello Lippi, unsure if Juventus Stadium finally be worthy of a stadium owned by the Old Lady and opened with a friendly face Notts County on Thursday (8 / 9) local time.

Juventus coach Lippi when the old stadium in the city of Turin Stadio delle Alpi is still called, which was then renovated and replaced with a new stadium that is now named Juventus Stadium.

The 63-year-old coach, who then trained former foster children to the Stadio Comunale, which is used for the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, later renamed the Stadio Olimpico.

Although Juve have repeatedly moved the headquarters, but the former coach of Italian national team believe that this new stadium is currently owned by Juve is something that takes the club to continue to grow and move forward.

"I always feel the emotion here, all the nostalgia while he was here every day," Lippi said as she watched the inaugural match between Notts County Juve cons cited Tuttosport.

"I see the stadium from the inside, and then I saw it from the outside of the stadium, which then reminds me of the Delle Alpi," he added.

"But when you see it in person, you will get the feeling that Juventus Stadium is a football stadium viable," due diligence.

In the inaugural match Serie A, Juventus will face Parma at Juventus Stadium in a match that will be held at the weekend.

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