Indonesia is more dominant than philippines

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Jakarta - Indonesian national team has a superior history of the Philippines on a football pitch. Of the many victories that never obtained, three times the troops "Red and White" party a massive goal.

Indonesia will face the Philippines in two AFF Cup semi-final match at Bung Karno, Jakarta. The first semifinal will be held on Thursday (16/12/2010), and the second semi-final held three days later.

Football Database According to records, the game Thursday after tomorrow is the 20th between Indonesia and the Philippines. In 19 previous party, the team "Garuda" was recorded wins 17 times, the Philippines won once, and the rest ended a draw. Indonesia also recorded can scored 83 goals, while the Philippines could only include 11 goals.

The first and last victory of the Philippines occurred on May 19, 1934 in the event the Far Eastern Games. At that time, Indonesia is still using the name of the Dutch East Indies lost 2-3 from the Philippines.

After the era of independence, the Philippines was never again able to beat Indonesia. Their best achievement was holding a 1-1 draw in the event the SEA Games 1977 in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The rest, the Philippines scored more often a barn when met Indonesia. The biggest score occurred in 1972 and 2002.

On 25 September 1972, Indonesia to meet Filipinos in Korea Cup preliminary round in South Korea. Indonesia won 12-0. In the tournament, Indonesia reach the final before losing 1-3 of Burma.

Indonesia again gained a great victory 30 years later. In the Tiger Cup 2002 in Jakarta, Ivan Kolev's men destroy Ian Araneta cs with a score of 13-1. In the match, Bambang Pamungkas and Zaenal Arief both scored four goals.

Another big score occurred in the Merdeka Cup in Malaysia in 1962. Indonesia who was trained successfully to embarrass the Philippine Antun Pogacnik nine goals without reply (9-0) in the group stage A. Team 'Red White' finally emerged as champions after overcoming Pakistan 2-1 in the final.

Interesting record, how the results of the 20 th meeting between Indonesia and the Philippines. Is the Word Utina et al can continue kedigdayaan Indonesia, or Phil Younghusband cs can actually win in 76tahun prime.

History of the meeting:
Date, competition, score (INA-PHI)

May 19, 1934, Far Eastern Games, 2-3
May 28, 1958, the Asian Games, 5-2
August 29, 1962, Asian Games, 6-0
12 September 1962, Merdeka Cup, 9-0
August 7, 1967, Asian Cup qualifiers, 6-0
August 8, 1971, Friendship, 3-1
August 1, 1972, Friendship, 3-0
25 September 1972, Korea Cup, 12-0
23 November 1977, the SEA Games, 1-1
December 11, 1981, SEA Games, 2-0
August 12, 1984, Asian Cup qualifiers, 1-0
July 22, 1987, Friendship, 2-0
August 23, 1989, SEA Games, 5-1
30 November 1991, SEA Games, 2-1
June 15, 1993, SEA Games, 3-1
October 12, 1997, SEA Games, 2-0
August 27, 1998, the Tiger Cup, 3-0
6 November 2000, the Tiger Cup, 3-0
December 23, 2002, the Tiger Cup, 13-1
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