Ancelotti Claims Safe Position

Saturday, December 11, 2010

London - In the midst of declining performance of Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti's position continues to be questioned. Don Carletto argue that, he gets full support from Roman Abramovich.

With four games without ever

win in the Premier League, Chelsea's position that had been there at the top slipped to number three. Bad records are still added to the defeat of Olympique Marseille in the Champions League midweek this.

The defeat of the latter does not affect much because the Blues had already been to ensure self-qualify for the last 16. However, if arguably, the defeat came at the precise moment when Chelsea is not exactly the middle is highlighted.

Ancelotti has said that his squad in desperate need of John Terry as captain due to injury. Unfortunately for Chelsea, Terry actually played when they defeated Marseille, or when the draw with Everton was arrested four days earlier.

So, the more intense spotlight on Chelsea, and especially to Ancelotti. When the position again questioned, the Italian manager also provides an answer: his position is safe because he is getting full support.

"I am not afraid of my job. I was getting full support from my players, which is very important. I feel the support of the club. For this reason I do not have to feel afraid, "he said as reported by the Daily Mail.

"I am a optimistic that everything will go well this season. I spoke with Roman after the match on Wednesday (the match against Marseille, red) and he gave full support, "he said.

Chelsea will be tested three important game in three weeks. After facing Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, they will face Manchester United and Arsenal

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