tricks scored from dead ball

Friday, February 4, 2011

In futsal games, a lot of goals that can be created from dead balls chance that obtained in the event of infringement or the ball out by an opposing player so that the referee to give a gift or a free kick from the corner to our team. Normally each team has specific ways (special trick in exploiting this dead-ball ball for a goal). Here are a few tricks that can be used in utilizing gifts free kick or corner to be gol.

1. Corner
Corner obtained if opposing players throw the ball out past his own goal line. In utilizing corners, the most important thing to consider is the communication between players due to good communication then a lot could be done to score.
· Kick the ball past the reach of goalkeeper opponent (on the cob) and then another friend was ready menanduknya to the wicket (headings) to score
· Kick the ball far to the opposite side (ball) so that the friend was ready to do the first time a hard kick to score goals
• If all your friends with a tight taped (guarded man to man) then the ball backward shift gears (kedaerah game itself) so that the goalkeeper could do hard kick straight to goalkeeper
° and the last, tending it with a fast ball towards the opposing goal for friend or hoping to score an opposing player scored an own goal.
All tricks must often be trained when training so that communication and the placement position of each player is very good. There are many other tricks you can do to score goals from corner kicks, so continue to be trained and tested for more terbiasa.

2. Free kick
Similarly, corner kicks, free kicks in the use of any much-needed good communication between players and should continue to be done in practice to get used to. There are several tricks that can be done is to give to friends who do not pass heavily guarded so that he could do with a hard kick and scored easily. For a free kick tricks are generally preceded by cues eye position among the players so that arrangements can be done easily. But there is also usually a direct kick hard toward the goal without performing operand first.
All the tricks can be done as long as the cohesiveness and communication among the players can be practiced well and each player has to understand their respective roles. So keep practicing and trained for cooperation and kekompakkan more unified team.

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